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Featured News: Sport Ponies on the Rise

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October 04, 2014

Pony Article_Julie and Sassy When thinking of a “Sport Horse” one might think of large Warmblood horses flying over oxers, dancing across an arena or jumping into a water jump. The mere size of some of these horses (some over 17 hands high) can be daunting to smaller adults and younger riders. Smaller than their larger counterparts, the Sport Pony is bred to excel in all of the same events yet they are more suited for younger and smaller competitive riders. Typical sport pony breeds include the German Riding Pony, Connemara Pony, New Forest Pony, Welsh Pony and Fell Pony. Standing between 13.2 and 14.2 hands tall Sport Ponies are known for their tremendous ability, big movement, great temperament, and high level of ride ability. Although ponies were once considered mounts for children, many adults are experiencing the benefits of riding a Sport Pony and they are holding their own against the big boys in open competition. Below we further explore reasons to freeze pony semen and highlight a few Sport Pony breeds along with a few of our clients who are experiencing great success with their pony stallions.

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Featured Blog: Test Breeding Mares as an Aid to Marketing Equine Frozen Semen

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October 05, 2014

Stallion owners and managers can encounter reluctance from mare owners to use frozen semen. This may be due, in part, to commonly spread misinformation regarding the fertility of frozen semen and the misconception that frozen semen is difficult to use. This hesitancy seems especially true if the frozen semen of a particular stallion has yet to be used in order to establish evidence of fertility. If one can offer specific credible evidence of the fertility of frozen semen from a given stallion it can go a long way towards promoting the process and breedings to your stallion. For more information please read “Frozen Semen Myths and Misconceptions” as well as our blog article regarding “The Pros and Cons of Equine Frozen Semen”.

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Featured Question

Do all stallions have semen that can be frozen?

Not all stallions can be successfully frozen. Our experience within the SBS Affiliate Network indicates that approximately 75% of all stallions with normal initial semen quality produce sperm that are able to withstand the stresses of freezing and thawing, based on the industry standard for commercial distribution of ≥30% post-thaw progressive motility.

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Stallion_Hot Ones Only_Testimonial “SBSW assists us in many ways. Anytime we have a young stallion that needs taught how to collect we send them to SBSW..."

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