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Featured News: 2014 Foal Photo Contest Winner

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September 09, 2014

Foal_2014_Jezebel S.E._Everdale contest winner And the winner is...Jezebel S.E. Congratulations to our 2014 Foal Photo Contest Winner, Siegi Belz-Fry, for winning a $75.00 Dover Saddlery gift certificate for the photo she submitted of her foal, Jezebel S.E. (Everdale x Showbiz). It's always nice when mom is there to scratch the itch you just can't reach.

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Featured Blog: Heat Stress and Equine Reproduction

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September 09, 2014

Istock_sweaty harness horse cropped During those dog days of late summer and the end of the breeding season, most of us who work in equine reproduction are ready for a break. You are left with those difficult mares that didn’t settle earlier in the season and stallions that may be growing tired of breeding. Mares may not cycle as predictably or conceive as readily and stallions may be tougher to collect or exhibit a decrease in semen quality. One of the factors that can contribute to these problems is heat stress. As ambient temperatures rise, stallions and mares may experience disruptions to normal reproductive function as a result. This article will briefly describe some of the effects of heat stress on mare and stallion reproductive function.

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Featured Question

Can you get a mare in foal with semen less than 30% progressive?

Yes. Even though 30% is the recommended cut-off for commercially acceptable frozen-thawed semen, just like with fresh or cooled semen, some stallions can obtain acceptable fertility with semen that has motility below 30% provided there are enough functionally viable sperm in the insemination dose. Post-thaw motility is a good indicator of how well the sperm have withstood the stresses of being frozen and thawed and one should be cautious about using frozen semen with less than acceptable post-thaw motility. A significant reduction in progressive motility after thawing is indicative of sperm damage and there may even be sub-lethal damage to sperm that remain motile after thawing that would reduce fertility. And remember that the assessment of post-thaw motility can vary significantly between laboratories.

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Ishin Maru"When we discovered that our Tuigpaard stallion Kaareltje had a testicular cyst that would eventually render him infertile..."

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