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Featured News: What Happens When Your Stallion Arrives at SBS?

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October 01, 2015

What Happens When_SBS Stallion Barn Select Breeders Services (SBS) can assist stallion owners with their equine frozen semen needs whether the semen required is for domestic use, to be qualified for export, needed to breed a handful of mares or hundreds of doses for storage. As the world’s largest provider of equine frozen semen services, we are continuously adding new stallions to the list of more than 3,500 stallions already frozen within the SBS Affiliate Network. Discussed in this article will be questions we ask about stallions prior to their arrival, disease testing required prior to entry, what happens after he arrives, our storage and distribution program as well as how our customer service extends well beyond the stallion’s departure from our facility.

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Featured Blog: Chemical Ejaculation of the Stallion

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September 30, 2015

Chemical Ejaculation_still photo croppedDr. Glenn Blodgett is the horse division manager at the 6666 Ranch, a member of the SBS Affiliate Laboratory Network and the current president of the American Quarter Horse Association. In recent years, Dr. Blodgett has implemented the use of chemical ejaculation with one of the stallions in his care. In this article, he will share with us in what situations chemical ejaculation might be useful, recent research performed using the procedure, how he uses it in his breeding program and the success rate of his attempts.

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Featured Question

How should I structure my breeding contract?

At SBS we suggest that breeding contracts for frozen semen are structured so the costs associated with the production of the frozen semen are separated from the value associated with the genetics. The mare owner pays a non-refundable “booking fee” that is set at a level to cover the production costs for the frozen semen for that mare. The remaining balance, or stud fee, is for the genetics of the stallion, which are only realized if a pregnancy is achieved and a foal produced. The contract can be written to provide for “up to N doses for the season” after which the mare owner has the option to purchase additional doses at a higher cost per dose if they want to continue trying to breed that mare or you may wish to offer them the opportunity to return the following season, in which case they would repeat the booking fee. The cost of the frozen semen shipment is then paid by the mare owner and in most cases this is cheaper for them than covering the cost of collection, processing and shipping of a cooled semen shipment.

To calculate your production costs of the frozen semen for each mare you divide the total cost of freezing the semen by the number of doses frozen - this gives you your cost per dose. Based on the number of doses you decide to allocate to each mare per season, you can then calculate your cost per mare.

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