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Emerald Ridge Farm


 stallionThe acquisition of a Standardbred mare as a companion for a riding horse was the start of Emerald Ridge Farm.  The name was derived from our Hillsburgh, Ontario farm which was situated on ten acres.  There was an abundance of water on the property which resulted in lush, green grass throughout the summer months providing a carpet or rich, emerald green.  At the back of the property was a ridge which provided picturesque views of the area.

Within ten years, we had outgrown the property and relocated on 134 acres in Rockwood, Ontario (Wellington County) in the heart of "horse country".  Today, Emerald Ridge is a full service reproductive facility offering a separate stallion barn with accommodations for resident stallions complete with a laboratory and breeding shed.  Approximately 300 to 700 mares are serviced each year between resident stallions and frozen semen that is stored and distributed at the farm.  Emerald Ridge Farmis conveniently located within one hour from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

foalThe main barn consists of 32 stalls which house temporary and full time resident mares.  Loafing sheds provide additional room.  During the breeding season, an additional farm is used to accommodate overflow.  Emerald Ridge Farm is an affiliate lab of Select Breeders Service (SBS).  There are SBS affiliate labs throughout the world, each using the latest technology and advances as it relates to freezing horse semen.

Please contact us should you have questions about horse reproduction, embryo transfer, domestic or export markets, require breeding soundness examinations for mares or stallions performed by a board certified theriogenologist (reproduction specialist) or require horse frozen semen storage and distribution programs.  We was to assist you in achieving your horse reproduction goals.


Emerald Ridge Farm is a full service reproductive facility and can take care of all of your horse reproductive needs.  

Fresh, chilled semen programs

head shotAt Emerald Ridge Farm, we offer fresh, chilled semen programs.  We have a variety of permanent stallion residents (Standardbred and Quarter Horse) that stand at our farm throughout the breeding season.  We also collect outside stallions to assist in their breeding programs.  We use a CASA (computer assisted sperm analyzer) to assess all semen before its processed.  State of the art extenders are used as well.  An existing distribution system helps distribute semen across North America by airplane, courier or pick up points across Ontario.  Any new stallions can be assessed for their suitability as a breeding prospect.

Mares can be brought into the facility for breeding.  We take care of all of the logistics for you including import permits when importing stallion semen from any part of the world making it simple and convenient.

Frozen Semen

There are many reasons as to why people consider freezing stallion semen.  Common situations include but are not limited to:

  • Aged stallions
  • Expanding markets (different countries/continents) and increasing revenue streams
  • Preserving genetics of a stallion before castrating
  • Help handle large books of mares during the breeding season or to have stallion semen available during competition season should collecting the stallion not be an option at certain times of the year
  • Insurance factor in the event of disease, disability or death

Standing stallionSelect Breeders Services (SBS) is a network comprised of veterinarians and reproductive physiologists who share the commitment to provide the highest level of customer service, quality control and leading edge technology s it relates to freezing semen across North America, Europe and Australasia.  Pal Loomis founded Select Breeders Service in 1987.  SBS quickly developed the reputation for providing quality service and superior knowledge in the area of frozen semen.  The Affiliate Laboratory program was offered in 2000 and today Select Breeders Services have labs throughout the world that can draw on 25 years of experience in freezing thousands of stallions and representing some of the highest profile clients.

The existing SBS network means that we can tap into support across the globe whether dealing with the distribution of stallion semen into new markets or in dealing with government agencies that control entry of semen into different countries.  Select Breeders Services offers many other unique advantages.  There is on-going research to ensure that we continue to employ the best protocols and technology with cross-clinic trials used for evaluation.  Uniform protocols across all labs means that you can obtain the same superior freezing technology in any SBS affiliate lab should you require these services in a different geographical location.  The SBS network also has an annual scientific review of current literature providing you with the most up to date methods for optimal freezing results.

It is important to acknowledge that not all stallion semen freezes well.  Select Breeders Services does not use a "cookie cutter approach" where one methodology is used on all horses.  Each stallion is evaluated in a "test freeze" situation while employing a number of proprietary freezing extenders and using different freeze curves to arrive at an optimal protocol that will yield the best results for YOUR stallion.

foal 2Every ejaculate frozen by Select Breeder Services is evaluated by computer to insure it meets our minimum commercial standards for distribution within the network and a culture is obtained to ensure that it is free of bacterial contaminants.  A second set of control straws are sent to a second lab to confirm progressive motility numbers and quality of the semen providing clients with the confidence that they are shipping frozen semen with optimal quality for obtaining pregnancies in mares.  Mare owners also have confidence that they are purchasing frozen semen that has met minimum standards and as a result many choose stallions that have been froze by the SBS network by accessing the sire directory.

Emerald Ridge Farm is equipped to provide quarantine for stallions whose semen will be frozen for export.  We will provide all of the legwork to ensure that import or export requirements are met.  As well, Select Breeders Services provides frozen semen storage as well as a distribution program.

We also can help mare owners who choose to use frozen stallion semen by providing mare management programs to optimize pregnancy rates on site.  Please feel free to inquire about your horses reproductive needs.


Pat and Anna Meyers are the owners of Emerald Ridge Farm, but behind every operation stands a staff of dedicated professionals who pay attention to detail. We have a full complement of full time and part time staff who help carry out the day to day activities at Emerald Ridge Farm. Many have varied backgrounds but one thing is certain, they are committed to excellence in care.

Pat Meyers, DVM

PatDr. Patrick Meyers obtained his veterinary degree from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1984, completed his residency in large animal theriogenology at Texas A & M University and became a board certified theriogenologist (reproduction specialist) in 1989.  He has published more than 50 papers and articles on horse reproduction in scientific journals, veterinary textbooks and horse industry publications.  He currently operates Meyers Equine Veterinary Services, an equine mobile practice which was established in 1996 in addition to Emerald Ridge Farm.  He is also an Official Veterinarian at Grand River Raceway during the racing season.

Anna Meyers

AnnaAnna DeMarchi-Meyers obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Animal Science from the University of Guelph in 1988.  She has worked as an equine specialist for a major Canadian feed company however the majority of her career has been spent in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry both in sales and marketing.  In 2003, she left the pharmaceutical industry focusing all of her efforts on Emerald Ridge Farm.  She continues to free lance, writing articles on horse health related articles for Horse Care and the Harness Edge magazines.  She is actively involved in numerous associations and boards including the Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association, the Ontario Harness Racing Industry Association, standardbred representative on the Quarter Horse Racing Owners of Ontario Inc. (QROOI), Equine Canada and the Ontario Agricultural College Alumni Foundation.  In her spare time, she enjoys riding dressage on her Trakehner gelding.


From Toronto - Take the 401 west bound to Campbellville, Ontario.  Take the Guelph Line and head North for about 20 minutes until you reach a set of lights at Highway 7.  Turn left onto Highway 7.  Take the second road on your right (Wellington Rd 29) and turn right.  Proceed through the set of lights at Highway 24 and continue northbound for about 3.7 km.  The farm is located on the right....fire sign 5629.

From London - Take the 401 east bound to the second exit ramp for Guelph (Highway 6 that goes to Guelph and Hamilton).  Turn left onto Highway 6.  Go thru the town of Aberfoyle.  As you exit town, turn left onto County Rd 32.  Continue for about 10 minutes and you will go thru an S bend in the road.  As you straighten out, turn left onto the 1st line of Nassagaweya.  Proceed thru a number of stop signs.  You will get to a set of lights at Highway 7....continue thru to the second set of lights Highway 24.  Continue heading north for another 3.7 km.  The farm is located on the right....fire sign 5629.

From Niagara - Take QEW north bound.  Take the 403 west bound towards Hamilton.  Take Highway 6 north for about 30 minutes.  You will cross over Highway 401.  Go thru the town of Aberfoyle.  As you exit town, turn left onto County Rd 32.  Continue for about 10 minutes and you will go thru an S bend in the road.  As you straighten out, turn left onto the 1st line of Nassagaweya.  Proceed thru a number of stop signs.  You will get to a set of lights at Highway 7....continue thru to the second set of lights Highway 24.  Continue heading north for another 3.7 km.  The farm is located on the right....fire sign 5629.

From Fergus (Highway 6) - Turn east on Belsyde Rd.  Continue past the Fergus Community Centre.  Take the first road on your right (Wellington Rd. 29).  Head south approximately 10 minutes.  Look for the Barrie Hill Church on your right hand side.  We are 0.5 km south of the Barrie Hill Church on the left hand side....fire sign 5629.