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Drs. Sandro Barbacini and Gianmaria Postinger are responsible for running Select Breeders Services Italia. SBSItalia is located in Medesano, nearby Parma, in Northern Italy. The goal of SBSItalia is to provide the most advanced reproductive techniques to the equine breeding industry, by bringing together the specialized experiences of the four members together at one  state-of-the-art facility. 


Presently SBSItalia offers services in equine semen freezing, storage and distribution, embryo transfer, Ovum Pick Up (OPU) and ICSI, stud farm medicine and neonatology. SBSitalia also offers to its clients the opportunity of standing stallions during the breeding season for shipping cooled semen domestically and internationally . The facility boasts 25 stalls that host between 40 to 50 mares during the breeding season. All mares are bred either with frozen or cooled semen. The northern Italian equine reproduction facility includes a well designed palpation room for intensive ultrasound monitoring of the mares, a foaling unit and an intensive care unit for equine neonates. SBSItalia operates an European Union (EU) approved up to date laboratory for equine semen freezing and frozen semen distribution. As a Select Breeders Services Affiliated Laboratory, SBSItalia freezes 400-500 ejaculates of equine semen a year and stores almost 4000 insemination doses of frozen semen. SBSItalia operates successfully in the International distribution of equine frozen semen. SBSItalia also runs a full equine Embryo Transfer program counting on a 15/20 recipient mare herd. SBSItalia is an EU authorized Embryo Transfer center and performs non-surgical transfers of fresh embryos collected at its facility and of cooled shipped or frozen-thawed equine embryos.

Quarter Horse Semen Available at SBSItalia/ Materiale seminale stoccato c/o SBSItalia


Dr. Sandro Barbacini

Sandro BarbaciniDr. Sandro Barbacini, whose veterinary clinic is located in Northern Italy, directs the activities of SBS Europe. Formally created in 2000, SBS Europe has affiliates in key equine centers throughout Europe. Dr. Barbacini oversees SBS work and is responsible for implementing the rigorous quality control standards for which SBS is known. Dr. Barbacini is actually a Board Member of the World Equine Veterinary Association (WEVA).

Articles by Dr. Sandro Barbacini:

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Use of Frozen Semen in an AI Center: Technical Management and Obtainable Results

Frozen Semen Myths and Misconceptions/ Miti ed Idee sbagliate sul seme congelato

An Interview with Dr. Sandro Barbacini/ Un Intervista con Dr. Sandro Barbacini

Factors Affecting the Uterine Inflammatory Response to Semen

Dr. Gianmaria Postinger

Gianmaria PostingerDr. Gianmaria Postinger is a Bologna University graduate in veterinary medicine and is responsible for managing all the frozen semen mares inseminated at SBSItalia. He is also responsible for the neonatal intensive care unit located at our facility. He is finally accountable for performing quality control on semen samples shipped to our facility from all the EU affiliate laboratories.

Articles by Dr. Gianmaria Postinger:

The Birth and the Foal / Il Parto ed il Puledro

La Fattrice

Fetal Sex Determination / Il Sessaggio Fetale

Strangles / Adenite

Frequent Problems in the Foals First Days of Life / I piĆ¹ frequenti problemi del
puledro nei primi giorni post parto

Equine Herpes Virus Infections/Le infezioni da Herpesvirus nel cavallo

Seizures/Le crisi pilettiche


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