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Featured News: SBS Agreement with Paul Schockemöhle for the Italian Market

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January 05, 2015

Schockemohle_Totilas and PS SBSItalia is pleased to announce to the Italian sport horse breeders that we have reached a strategic agreement for managing the frozen semen of Paul Schockemöhle’s (photo left with Totilas) stallions. The agreement will be operational beginning in 2015 and was achieved thanks to the contribution of Mr. Schockemöhle’s Italian partner, Matteo Delmiglio. He will take care of all marketing aspects related to breeding sales while SBSItalia will be solely responsible for the logistical aspects regarding the import, storage and distribution of frozen semen from the entire stallion catalog of this prestigious German breeding farm. Also, breeders will be allowed to bring their mares to the two Italian SBS Affiliate Laboratories, SBSItalia and Centro di Riproduzione Equina Centauro, to be inseminated with frozen semen of particular stallions which are currently only available if bred at Paul Schockemöhle’s (P.S.) facility in Mühlen, Germany.

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Featured Blog: Ovum Pickup in the Mare

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January 03, 2015

Breeding horses has come a long ways in the last 50 years. Veterinarians have been able to overcome many of the obstacles presented when breeding horses with advancements in artificial insemination and embryo transfer. However, there are still times when infertility of either the mare, stallion or both prevent getting foals on the ground. The most recent advances in assisted reproductive technologies, Ovum Pickup and Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), have allowed us at Weatherford Equine Breeding Center (WEBC) to take the next step in overcoming these obstacles with some promising results.

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Should I not consider frozen semen if the mare is an ET donor?

The use of frozen semen is not a contraindication for use in embryo transfer donor mares. When using frozen semen in donor mares you need to consider the fact that fertilization of the egg could occur after ovulation, depending on what insemination protocol you are using. Keeping that in mind, the timing for the embryo flush should generally be done at 8 days post ovulation rather than 7 days to make sure that the embryo has migrated to the uterus, thus making it possible to be recovered during the flush.

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