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Featured News: USDA Training Seminar Held at SBSW

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July 06, 2014

USDA Training - Lab On June 26, 2014, Select Breeders Southwest (SBSW) in Aubrey, TX opened their doors and welcomed a group of 30 plus USDA Veterinarians from across the United States as part of a 3 day Equine Semen and Bovine Embryo Export Facilities Inspection Training.  Official veterinarians from the USDA are responsible for conducting facility inspections in order to certify centers are in compliance with all of the rules and regulations required by the European Union (EU) for semen to qualify for importation into any EU member country. SBSW is an EU approved equine semen collection, processing and storage facility. Other countries require similar certification: Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. SBSW is certified to collect and export equine semen to all of these countries.

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Featured Blog: Sperm Accumulation in the Stallion

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July 07, 2014

Sperm Accumulators_Sperm Photo cropped Have you ever wondered what happens to all those sperm the stallion produces every day (5 billion or more)? If he is not bred or collected then where do the sperm go? We know that sperm are produced in the testicle and move from the testicle into the efferent ducts and then into the head of the epididymis. It takes about 7-10 days for sperm to travel from the head of the epididymis to the cauda epididymis (tail; figure middle right). This time frame is not altered by how often the stallion ejaculates. The old wives tale that you can get immature sperm if the stallion is bred too often is just not true.

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Featured Question

How old does my stallion have to be for semen collection?
We suggest a stallion be at least 3 years of age before starting semen collection. At this age most stallions have matured both mentally and physically and are able to handle the additional stress of becoming an active breeding stallion. Typically, by the age of three their testicles have matured and have begun producing sufficient semen which is suitable for cooling or freezing. It is possible to collect younger stallions and we have successfully collected and frozen semen from 2yr olds. However, we always caution stallion owners to be aware that at this age semen quality may not be acceptable for processing. Even if it is, total sperm production is often less than would be expected at maturity and therefore it may not be financially viable to proceed with a comprehensive semen freezing program at that time.

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