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Featured News: Deceased Stallions and the Use of Frozen Semen

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February 02, 2017

Stallion_Abdullah Headshot 2 Many stallion owners have the foresight to have frozen semen processed from their stallions while they are young, during their prime reproductive years. It may be too late if one waits until after his show career is complete, he is older or for any other reason because there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Waiting may turn into a situation of “I wish I would have…”. When semen is frozen earlier in a stallion’s life, it becomes a tool for the stallion owner to not only perpetuate the genetic line of their stallion but also allows for continued income after the stallion has passed away. Also, some owners have looked at frozen semen as an insurance policy for their valuable stallions. Regardless of why or when the semen is frozen, the management of it will likely change once he passes away.

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Featured Blog: Equine Embryo Biopsy

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February 02, 2017

embryo One of the advantages of embryo transfer is the ability to biopsy the embryos in an attempt to diagnose different genetic traits or determine gender. The ability to do so has existed for several years and the amount of genetic information that can be realized is ever expanding as geneticists learn more and tests become available to identify particular alleles.

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Featured Question

Do I or my vet need special tanks to hold frozen semen?

No. Select Breeders Service will ship enough frozen semen to manage the mare through one complete heat period. The shipping tanks are specially designed cryogenic vessels which maintain the frozen semen at -196°C for at least 10 days. This allows SBS to ship the semen to your vet well in advance of the anticipated insemination date avoiding the last minute rush to schedule semen shipments associated with cooled transported semen breeding. Also, if the mare fails to ovulate when predicted, no further shipments are required. There are sufficient doses of frozen semen in the tank to inseminate the mare again as needed. Of course, if you or your veterinarian own a liquid nitrogen storage tank, the semen could be transferred to this tank for storage.

See also: Proper Protocol for Receiving a Shipment of Equine Frozen Semen

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Rebeca Martin - Show Me the Buckles and Rebeca "SBS ensures that only quality semen is shipped and every step is done in a supervised, professional manner.  Their lab is filled with the most up to date equipment for the best accuracy to determine the quality of semen."

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