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Featured News: RSVP by August 25th – SBS 30th Anniversary Celebration

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May 09, 2017

Please RSVP by August 25th to let us know you’re coming to help us celebrate on September 9th! Paul Loomis’ business of freezing equine semen began in a small farm laboratory and a home office in 1987. Throughout the past three decades SBS has grown into the largest provider of frozen semen services in the world.  It now consists of 25 Affiliate Laboratories in 7 different countries.

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Featured Blog: Why Freeze Stallion Semen?

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August 04, 2014

Why Freeze_Tank Room SBSW All too often we hear tragic stories about the sudden death of a stallion whether it be due to an illness or an accident no one anticipated. He may have been a mature stallion who was already proving himself as a sire or a young stallion but now the world will never know his genetic capabilities. These conversations usually end with the stallion owner saying, “I wish I had frozen semen from him.” Or a mare owner saying, “I wish they had frozen semen on him because he would have been a wonderful cross with my mare.” It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Can you store and distribute the frozen semen for me?

Yes, SBS maintains the largest inventory of frozen equine semen in the world. All 25 of our Network Laboratories maintain secure cryogenic semen storage facilities. Our Texas and Maryland facilities store more than 30,000 doses each. SBS stores semen in special cryogenic vessels that utilize liquid nitrogen to maintain the frozen semen at temperatures of -197°C, which is critical for their long-term viability.

Our distribution program has been designed to make shipping frozen semen cost effective and hassle free. Once a stallion owner sells a breeding, an authorization form is sent to the storage facility with the mare owner and veterinarians contact information as well as any specific instructions on the number of doses to be released, etc. Once that authorization is received, SBS takes care of the rest. A shipment request form is sent to the mare owner and/or veterinarian managing the mare. When the mare is coming into heat, the form is sent to the storage facility and the shipment is packaged and shipped out immediately by Priority Overnight along with illustrated instructions on the proper thawing, handling and insemination of the frozen semen.

SBS labs maintain a large inventory of nitrogen vapor or “dry” shippers that are used to transport the semen and will maintain liquid nitrogen temperatures for up to 2-3 weeks. Semen can be shipped in advance of the date it is needed for insemination and transferred to the veterinarians storage container if available or the veterinarian can use the shipping container to maintain the semen during the mares cycle so that it is on hand and available when the mare needs to be inseminated.

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Kerry Bradac - Open For Suggestion with Kerry"SBS does a great job with my stallion. They know, understand, and appreciate stallion psychology and take the time to treat the stallions as an individual."

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