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Featured News: 2015 Foal Photo Contest Winner

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September 02, 2015

Foal_2015_Colt_Sternlicht x Fireworks 400x Congratulations to our 2015 Foal Photo Contest Winner! Dawn Spencer of Kalamazoo, MI has won a $75.00 Dover Saddlery gift certificate for the photo she submitted of her colt (Sternlicht GGF x Fireworks). Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

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Featured Blog: The Test Freeze - The First Freeze Performed on a Stallion's Semen

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August 28, 2015

The Test Freeze - Straws on Rack The test freeze is the first freeze performed on a stallion when he comes to a Select Breeders Services (SBS) Affiliate Lab to have semen frozen. We primarily have four different semen freezing protocols that we test on each stallion. The differences between each protocol being in either the extender formulation or the rate of cooling. For subsequent freezes we choose the protocol which gives the best results as determined by post-thaw motility. Regardless of the protocol, once the straws of semen reach -120 degrees Celsius in the programmable cell freezer they are then plunged into a bath of liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius.

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Featured Question

My stallion has already been tested elsewhere; do you need to test him again?
Any stallion presented for the first time to an SBS laboratory must undergo a “test freeze” procedure. This procedure is designed to determine not only if and how well your stallion’s semen will survive freezing and thawing but also which of the various freezing protocols will produce the best results. For an SBS test freeze procedure, the ejaculate is split into 4 fractions and frozen using 4 different protocols. They vary in the extenders used and the cooling curves employed. At SBS, we produce our own proprietary extenders for semen freezing at our central laboratories and distribute them out to each of the affiliate labs. The extenders are produced under strictly controlled conditions in large volume batches, tested extensively and adjusted to ensure that the proper osmolarity and pH are maintained. There are many different ways to freeze semen and other labs outside of the SBS affiliate network have their own methods that use different extenders and processing protocols. SBS is the only equine semen freezing company that has created a network of laboratories using standardized freezing protocols that are extensively quality controlled. Additionally, all SBS labs use the same methods for analysis and determination of post-thaw quality. Once a test freeze under SBS protocol is performed, those results will be available and utilized at all other SBS affiliate laboratories, which are extensively scattered throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. This means that you can take your stallion to any one of our affiliate laboratories and expect the same semen freezing results as the original test freeze.

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The Test Freeze - The First Freeze Performed on a Stallion's Semen

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Santoro"Since 1997 I have used SBSItalia’s professional services for the production, storage and international distribution of frozen semen."

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