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Peterson and Smith Equine Reproduction Center

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The Equine Reproduction Center at Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital has
been a part of Select Breeders Services (SBS) affiliate program for many
years now. Prior to deciding to become an SBS affiliate, Peterson and Smith
was a large, sophisticated, successful equine veterinary practice that prided
itself in the wide range of services provided to our clients. A decision
was made to offer semen freezing to our varied spectrum of reproductive
services. We also wished to expand exposure to both domestic and
international clients looking to freeze semen. Becoming an SBS Affiliate has
allowed us to do exactly that.

After fighting the out dated technology of the antiquated vapor freezing
method, it became clear that strategic moves were necessary in order for us
to provide semen freezing services in a manner that we could be proud of
and to a standard our clients have come to expect from our clinic. SBS was
able to provide us with the ability to take this large step forward.

Initially there was an education process that was invaluable. Teaching us
the advantages of cell freezer technology and different freezing rates was
only the first step. The training that ensued was first rate and created a
knowledge base that brought us immediately up to speed. As well, we
were introduced to more sophisticated extenders and the advantages of
the extreme quality control systems Select Breeders is renowned for. Not
least of the many advantages is the support that we thought we would
and have received. This ongoing support ensures that we can continue to
provide semen freezing, storage and distribution services with the degree
of excellence that we at Peterson and Smith insist upon.

The choice to become an SBS affiliate was made to improve our skills and
knowledge in semen freezing. The global SBS network has made it easier
for us to promote stallions internationally and to ship semen around the
world. However being a member of the affiliate network also created mare
clients for breeding services that frankly we did not anticipate. SBS was
able to provide us with the ability to take our practice’s stallion services to
the next level.

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