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Luxury As & Southwind Vernon standing at SBSI for 2012 breeding season

February 16, 2012

Posted by SBSI in Affiliate News

Luxury AsWe are glad to announce that in 2012, as in the last 3 years, Select Breeders Services Italia will host LUXURY ÅS (Pine Chip x Nobella Lobell) and SOUTHWIND VERNON (Pine Chip x Valley Gogo), two 12 year old Standardbred stallions, for collection and distribution of cooled semen. In 2009 SBS Italia produced frozen semen from these two stallions, distributing it in Italy and all over the world. In fact in 2010, quite an innovation for European stallions, some frozen semen was shipped to renowned breeding farms in Australia and New Zealand.

Here is some important information about these stallions:

Luxury Ås: Record at 3 Years 1.11.8

  • SEK Winnings 3,904,680

Southwind Vernon: Record 1.11.9 over 2100 meters

  • Winnings €389,151

Southwind Vernon The owner is our client International Stallions, who manages also the frozen semen of 7 other stallions (Mr Pine Chip, Rotation, Conny Nobell, Zerberus, Offshore Dream, Sanpellegrino, Silver Pine), stored at our centre in San Daniele Po (CR) and distributed all over Italy.

"All foals born during the last two years attest to the quality of those stallions as leading sires" said Professor Vittorio Ambrosio, International Stallions General Manager.

Our best wishes to our client, to his stallions and to all Breeders for a 2012 full of satisfaction.

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