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Our Place or Yours? SBS Mobile Freezing Labs

May 26, 2011

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Mobile LabSeveral labs in the SBS affiliate network have mobile semen freezing labs. In the US there are two mobile labs at SBS-MD and two mobile labs at Select Breeders Southwest. In Australia, Stu Keller of Tamworth Equine and in Europe, Kerstin Darenius of Caballa, also have mobile freezing labs. These mobile labs are outfitted with the same high-tech equipment for semen processing and freezing as you would find at the affiliate lab home base location. The photo below shows the interior of a mobile lab from SBSW, with programmable cell freezer, automatic straw filler and computer assisted sperm motility analysis (CASA) set-up. 

Stu's mobile labThe advantage is obvious - the mobile lab could come to your facility to freeze semen and save the stress of shipping your stallion to the nearest SBS affiliate lab, which may be in a different state….. or even country. Kerstin Darenius predominantly travels within Sweden; however she has also been to Finland and the United Kingdom with her mobile lab. The mobile labs from TX usually travel around the Southwest (TX, OK, NM, AR), but they have also made trips to CA, MI, IL, OH and regularly visit WI. The mobile labs from MD are usually shuttling around PA, NJ and NY, but have traveled to ME, MA, RI, VA, NC and AL. 

mobile labTo qualify as a suitable location for offsite freezing, the ranch or vet clinic must have a breeding shed available for semen collection and most have staff to assist with stallion handling etc. In addition, there is usually a minimum number of stallions required in order to make the mobile lab trip feasible. But don’t despair if you can’t fulfill either of the previous two requirements, we may be able to work together with other breeders in your area to organize a mobile lab freezing trip.

Inside Mobile Lab Upcoming US trips on the mobile freezing lab:

From TX - contact (940) 365-2467 or info@selectbreederssw.com
Houston, TX - Sept 9th - 23rd
Wisconsin Equine Clinic - Oct 31st - Nov 12th

From MD - contact (410) 885-3202 or info@selectbreeders.com
NY - July through mid October
NJ - July through mid December
Hanover, PA - Nov 28 through Jan 2012                                           January - April 2012 open for new trips!                                       Interested parties in ME, NC, MI.

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