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Pioneer Equine Hospital Client Appreciation 2017

March 04, 2017

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Pioneer Equine_Appreciation Day 2017 lecture Pioneer Equine Hospital (SBS Affiliate Laboratory) hosted their 6th annual client appreciation and education seminar on February 11th, 2017 at their facility in Oakdale, California. There were 110 clients who were eager to learn that joined us on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The event was graciously catered and sponsored by Janice Egan of Merial, Stuart Nelson of Patterson Veterinary Supply, Brent Brown of Boehringer Ingelheim, Joycalyn Wininger of Luitpold Animal Health, Jessica Morris of Dechra, Gerri Brown of Aurora Pharmaceutical, Patrick and Amie Grohl of Premier Equine Center and Platinum Performance.

This year our topics included: Treatments and Therapies for Traumatic Joint Injuries presented by Dr. Dave MacDonald, Therapeutic Lasers in Veterinary Medicine presented by Dr. David Bradley, Field Emergencies presented by Dr. Jen Williams, “The Painted Horse” Anatomy presented by Drs. Elizabeth Hoaglund and Drew Koch (and Speedy the horse), and Core Vaccinations and the Boehringer Ingelheim Brand presented by Brent Brown.

Dr. Dave MacDonald started off our afternoon with a great talk about the inflammatory process in horses, how it is necessary, and avenues we can take to reduce its damaging effects. He touched on the use of hyaluronic acid combined with steroid in intra-articular joint injections and the use of Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein (IRAP), Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), stem cells and shockwave therapy for joint, tendon and ligament injuries.

Next up, Brent Brown gave a short talk on core vaccination recommendations for our equine partners and what sets Boehringer Ingelheim apart from the competition. They use Ultrafil® Purification Technology in their Vetera® vaccines to eliminate most of the extraneous, unnecessary proteins and/or cellular debris from the vaccines to help minimize adverse reactions.

Pioneer Equine_Appreciation Day 2017 Painted Horse We added a new interactive part to our seminar with “The Painted Horse” (photo right). It was a great opportunity for our clients to get out of their chairs and to see the anatomy of the horse…on the actual horse!

We were very fortunate to have Dr. David Bradley, a veterinarian with K-Laser, as our guest speaker at this event. He spoke to our clients about the benefits of using class IV laser therapy on tendon and ligament injuries, wound healing and corneal ulcers. Some of the benefits include having an analgesic effect on the patient and decreased healing time.

Dr. Jen Williams rounded out the afternoon with a very informative talk on field emergencies. She spoke on typical emergencies seen out in the field and what should be taken into the hospital. Dr. Williams emphasized the importance of seeking veterinary care in a timely fashion to ensure the best possible outcome; such as an injured eye treated early and appropriately can make the difference in the horse maintaining vision, or even the eye.

We cannot thank our clients enough for their continued support of our clinic and our sponsors who make it possible to put on these events!

Photos provided by Pioneer Equine Hospital

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