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Reid & Associates Equine Hospital

December 10, 2015

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Reid and Associates_building Located minutes from the heart of the America's Winter Horse Capital, Reid & Associates has been servicing South Florida horsemen for over 20 years. Known for it's expertise in providing high quality medical and surgical care, the full-service equine hospital and referral center was established in 1995 by Byron V. Reid VMD. The clinic manages preventative equine care, as well as elective and urgent medical and surgical cases.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Byron Reid has strived to provide the highest quality veterinary medicine to every horse. His commitment to helping horses has attracted some of the country's brightest veterinarians and staff to his equine practice. These dedicated people are recognized industry-wide for going above and beyond to treat owners and their horses with respect and care.

In 2007, Dr. Erin Newkirk (pictured below) joined the practice and recognized the need to provide advanced reproductive services, for both the local breeders and the seasonal sport horse clientele. Offering a wide variety of services to both mare and stallion owners is at the heart of the program. In South Florida, a unique opportunity exists to work with some of the finest sport horses in the world in the peak of their performance careers. As such, a large number of clients are seasonal residents and only have a small window of time of availability. Dr. Newkirk has honed her skills to provide quality service and results, often flushing embryos or freezing semen in between the show schedules of her patients.

Dr Erin S Newkirk Reid & Associates Equine Clinic works with outside recipient herds to offer embryo transfer services and manages the breeding, flushing and shipment of the embryos locally. Owners have been pleased with the success of this program and many of these embryos are attained using frozen semen.

They are also able to provide veterinary services during CEM Quarantine of stallions and mares after importation from Europe. Working with local commercial quarantine facilities, they offer management of all the testing procedures, including the handling and management of the stallions during the live cover portion of their stay. Protecting the value of the sport horse, Reid & Associates is hands-on in managing both the stallions and mares to achieve the safest and fastest course of quarantine.

The clinic embraces horses of all breeds and disciplines, and offers top-quality care not only during the busiest months of the Florida show and racing season, but day in and day out throughout the year. While the clinic cares for many international sport horses, championship show horses and stakes-winning racehorses, Reid and Associates Equine Clinic values the local horse owner and can tailor their care accordingly.

Reid & Associates is proud to announce it is now a Select Breeders Services (SBS) Affiliate Lab. Providing the highest quality cooled and frozen semen has always been a priority of Reid & Associates, as stallions earn part of their reputation on the quality of their semen. Becoming an SBS affiliate lab, allows Reid & Associates to provide frozen semen with exceptional quality control and support from the most trusted name in the industry. Dr. Newkirk said, "We look forward to offering this world-class service to our clients."

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