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SBS Affiliate Members Contribute to New Edition of Equine Reproduction

May 26, 2011

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Book CoverSelect Breeders Services Inc., wishes to congratulate SBS affiliate member Angus McKinnon, our consultant Ed Squires, and co-editors Wendy Vaala and Dickson Varner on the publication of the 2nd edition of Equine Reproduction. This is a significant achievement indeed! The book can be purchased here:

In addition to several chapters authored by Ed and Angus, SBS Affiliate Members contributed to the new edition by writing the following chapters:

• Paul Loomis, SBS Maryland - Storage Management and Distribution of Frozen Semen

• Sandro Barbacini, SBS Italia - Breeding with Frozen Semen

• Julie Skaife, SBS Maryland - Evaluation of Semen

• Erin Bishop, SBSW - Import and Export of Embryos

• Kristina Lu, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute - Pyometria

• Glenn Blodgett, 6666s Ranch - Training a Stallion to the Phantom and Normal Field Castration

• Stefania Bucca, SBS Ireland - Ultrasonographic Monitoring of the Fetus and Fetal Gender Determination from Mid to Advanced Gestation

• James Vasey (w/Tom Russell), SBS Australia - Uterine Torsion

• Walter Zent, Hagyard Equine Medical - History (of Techniques in Equine Reproduction) and with John Steiner - Vaginal Examination

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