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SBS-North Germany

May 30, 2012

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

SBS-NGSBS-North Germany is part of Tierklinik Lüsche, a 12 veterinarian practice and full service equine hospital that offers one of the most advanced sport medicine, lameness, surgical, diagnostic imaging and reproductive medicine clinics in Germany. Situated near Bremen, SBS-North Germany is located in the middle of many well known Hanoverian and Oldenburg breeding centers.

The team at SBS-North Germany is led by Dr. Kerstin Schwenzer and includes Tanja Teichmann and Sarai Kämmerer, two young and skilled technicians who have been with us for more than seven years. Currently, in the middle of the 2012 breeding season, we have been very busy with the usual breeding activities, including freezing semen from 10 Warmblood and Standardbred stallions so far this year.

A Standardbred stallion we have frozen this year is IGOR FONT (Andover Hall-SJ’s Photo), one of the most famous and successful Standardbreds in Europe over the last several years. His Pedigree is American, and in it you’ll find Speedy Crown and Superbowl several times. We are very glad to report that the first mares with his frozen semen are pregnant!

We have been very busy with our embryo transfer program which we have been collaborating for several years now with KEROS in Belgium, a huge embryo transfer centre with more than 400 recipient mares, run by Peter Daels and Hilde van Dalen. Thanks to their wonderful work we are getting excellent results.

Dr. Kirsten Schwenzer is exited to be organizing “Equine Reproduction Days”, June 14- 17, 2012. An international workshop with three wonderful speakers: Jonathan Pycock, Juan Samper and Harald Sieme. Two courses, including both theory and laboratory practice will be offered - Mare Gynaecology and Artificial Insemination and Managing the Late Pregnant Mare. View the course outline and registration form for more information.

Photo from right: Dr. Kerstin Schwenzer, Tanja Teichmann and Sarai Kämmerer.

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