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August 21, 2013

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internsFrom breeding and horse management to laboratory work to marketing and social media, Select Breeders Services (SBS) and its affiliate labs offer various internship opportunities for college undergraduates looking to further their knowledge and skill within the equine industry. SBS is the largest and most professionally managed provider of frozen semen services in the world. In addition, many SBS locations offer a full range of equine reproduction services, and most of the affiliate labs are state of the art veterinary hospitals as well. SBS labs provide excellent teaching and training opportunities at some of the best equine reproduction facilities in the country. There is plenty of exposure to hands on experience and on the job training.

Most students that apply for internships in equine reproduction are driven by a desire to go on to veterinary school or work as breeding managers on a stud farm. Those that enjoy working in the laboratory often go on to graduate education and equine research. Other students are simply looking to expand their knowledge on general horse care and management, herd health, breeding and foaling or horse handling and sales prepping. Since we do have a marketing internship at Select Breeders in Maryland, there may be limited horse exposure for these students, but instead practical advertising and marketing experience that could not be obtained in the classroom. Kayla intern

More importantly, Internships are not just about gaining work experience, in some cases an internship can lead to full time employment, or can provide an introduction to new contacts and networking opportunities that may eventually result in employment, or at the very least new friendships and professional relationships.

Additional information is provided below about a few of the internships available within the SBS Affiliate Network. Interested students should follow the links provided or contact the affiliate laboratory for further details. For most of these positions extensive experience is not required but a great attitude, a sense of responsibility and an extremely good work ethic is a must!

Select Breeders Services Inc

At SBS headquarters in Chesapeake City, Maryland we offer two summer internships for college students. One position fulfills the role of lab assistant and this person divides their time between stallion and mare management services. They assist with general lab maintenance tasks, semen collection and processing, media preparation and assist with the management of frozen semen storage tanks. In addition they aid the resident veterinarian at the mare management facility with handling of mares for reproductive exams, breeding, embryo flushes and transfers. With ever expanding services it is possible that next year we may split this role into two positions, one focused on stallion collection and lab work and the other on mare management and foaling. intern katie

SBS also offers a Marketing and Social Media Internship. Students in this position gain a wide variety of experience in the development of sales and lead nurturing campaigns, design and implementation of print advertising schedules, and exposure to website content management and search engine optimization. In addition the intern contributes to our monthly email newsletter and assists with the management of our social media channels. This is a great learning opportunity for students interested in the applied aspects of equine business and marketing.

Students interested in internship opportunities at SBS should submit a letter of interest and resume to info@selectbreeders.com before November 15th.

Select Breeders Southwest in Aubrey, TX also offers an internship position for a lab assistant during breeding season in the spring. The intern assists with stallion collections and semen processing for cooled semen collections, in addition to helping out around the ranch with veterinary appointments, mare management and foaling mares. For more info contact info@selectbreederssw.com or call (940) 365-2467.

Peterson and Smith Equine Reproduction Center

Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital is a state-of-the-art, full service, 24/7 equine practice located in the heart of Ocala, Florida’s horse country. It has grown to be one of the most highly recognized equine practices in the United States. The Equine Reproduction Center (PSERC) is located on 92 acres in Summerfield, FL, about 20 minutes south of the main hospital. PSERC offers a total of 16 internships, so you are guaranteed to be part of a large supportive group with many hardworking students like yourself. Students receive valuable experience in all aspects of equine reproduction from stallion collection, semen processing and shipping, to mare management, embryo transfer and assisted reproductive techniques. The facility has a large recipient mare herd and foals out hundreds of mares a year. For more information visit the PSERC website or (352) 307-3001. 6666 intern

6666s Ranch

Established in 1870 the Four Sixes Ranch is a historic cattle and horse ranch in Guthrie, TX. They have >1500 head of horses on the property, stand approx. 24 stallions on site and breed >100 mares a year. Several positions are available for predominantly two different internship options. There is a Breeding/Foaling Attendant internship in the spring and Sales Prep Technician internship in the summer. Internships might also be available in the vet clinic during the summer. Breeding interns help with all aspects of the repro work - foaling out mares, assisting with palpations, embryo transfers, foal care, stallion collection and semen processing. Summer interns involved in sales fitting help with the feeding, grooming, health care, and exercise regime of yearling race horses in preparation for sales in the fall. Vet clinic interns assist the ranch’s resident veterinarians with all the routine and emergency care of the 1500+ horses on the ranch, as well as outside client horses and the occasional small animal case. For more info visit the Internship page on the 6666s website. 

Scottsdale Equine Reproduction Center

Scottsdale Equine Reproduction Center (SERC) is a multi-breed full service equine reproduction facility in the beautiful Rio Verde Foothills area of Scottsdale, AZ. Scottsdale is an equine epicenter for many breeds and disciplines of horses including reiners, cutters, cow horses, arabians, dressage horses and hunter jumpers. Breeding interns at SERC assist with all aspects of the breeding program: foaling, breeding, embryo transfers, stallion collections, routine foal care and much, much, more. Housing is available on site and is recommended to enhance the full experience. Please visit our website or call 480-273-7759.

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute

For more than 135 years, the veterinarians of Hagyard-Davidson-McGee Associates, PLLC have dedicated themselves to the health and well-being of the horse. With more than 60 veterinarians and a well-educated, experienced staff of support personnel Hagyard Equine has long stood for excellence in veterinary medicine. Two internship programs are available, applications are due on October 1 and should include a letter of intent and resume. All information should be e-mailed to Jamie O’Flynn, Internship Program Coordinator, at joflynn@hagyard.com. Please visit Undergraduate Opportunities on the Hagyard website for further information. GVEH Flush

Veterinary Technician Internship – The McGee Medicine Center specializes in the critical care and treatment of horses suffering from acute or chronic disease, injury, and provides long-term recovery care. Each year this center sees over 2,500 medicine and critical care cases of which more than 450 are critically ill newborn foals. Intern duties include: Monitoring vital signs, assisting veterinarians with procedures, administering medications and treatments and maintaining accurate patient charts,. This program requires a five month commitment from approximately mid-January through mid-May.

Ambulatory Veterinary Assistant Internship - The Hagyard Field Care veterinarians are a group of experienced ambulatory equine practitioners who provide highly personalized on-site care and consultation to area horse farms. Their services include caring for sick or injured horses, performing pre-purchase exams, reproduction, lameness, ultrasonic and endoscopic examinations, delivering foals, and administering medications and treatments. This internship program is designed for a student with a strong interest in equine reproduction. Duties include: Assisting the veterinarian in the delivery of primary care and diagnostic services, re-stocking and maintaining the ambulatory vehicle and completing medical records. This program requires a five month commitment from approximately February through June.

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  • Profile
    by Julie Skaife on September 20, 2013

    Thank you for your kind words about our newsletter and your question regarding our internship program. Though we cannot speak for the remainder of other breeding facilities we can answer your question as it relates to the internship program at Select Breeders Service.

    There are several programs within the US which offer continuing education for those who are transitioning careers later in life or who wish to manage their own breeding programs. Colorado State University and Texas A&M University as well as other universities do offer Equine Breeding Short Courses which cover the basics of mare care, breeding, stallions and foals. These are typically held over several days and provide the information one might require in the scenarios you have described.

    Some of the procedures employed at SBS are proprietary and require interns and staff to sign confidentiality and non-compete agreements stating they will not utilize the proprietary information once they leave SBS. However, many of the non proprietary and general aspects of equine reproduction that are used at SBS labs are part of our internship experience and may be very beneficial for adult learners. Currently, we work in conjunction with Universities to provide real world opportunities for students interested in the field of equine reproduction and these programs are initiated by the Universities. Students receive college credits for the experience and we provide the experience in exchange for the students working at SBS assisting staff members with certain tasks. We do not have a structure in place to provide internships to people outside of a University system.

  • Missing
    by Mary O'Conner on August 22, 2013

    Thanks for this newsletter. It’s one of the ones I enjoy.

    I have a question, which I often wonder when I see internship programs announced. Why are they always restricted to college undergraduates? Many who breed horses are doing so after retirement from other fields, some are career changers, some are doing it as a sideline to another equestrian operation, but all could benefit from having educational opportunities such as these internships available to them.

    I wonder whether SBS and other entities within the industry would be open to creating a program to serve adult learners in addition to undergraduates?

    Mary O’Connor, President
    United States Sport Horse Breeders Association

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