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US Breeders Should Consider the Australian Market

August 29, 2011

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

GVEH RecipsHere in the US breeding season is winding down, but for our affiliate labs in Australia it is just getting started. At Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital they just bred their first mare August 21st. Many of their mares are currently under lights and they will start breeding Thoroughbreds on September 1st. As a full service vet clinic GVEH is a busy place and the repro department is no exception. Every year they breed about 500 mares in the clinic and many more on farm visits. With >300 mares in their recipient mare herd they perform >200 embryo transfers a season. They also stand stallions during the cooled semen season, receive local clients that trailer in for semen collections and freeze semen as an SBS affiliate lab year round. In addition, GVEH serves as headquarters for SBS Australasia.

GVEH Flush Australia is currently one of the fastest growing advanced economies in the world. The Australian horse industry contributes $6.2 billion to the Australian economy annually and is comparable to the livestock industry which contributes $7 billion*. Australia’s Thoroughbred industry is bigger than those of France, England and Ireland put together. Whilst horse racing and associated activities compromise approximately half of the economic contribution, sport or pleasure horse businesses and equestrian events are large industries into themselves. Although the Australian TB industry has been influenced by the global decline in TB sales and breeding, the sport horse market is going strong and continues to grow; especially for Quarter Horse, Stock Horse and Warmblood breeds. There is a continuous stream of frozen semen imported and exported through GVEH to & from countries worldwide.

US breeders should definitely consider the Australian market. For mare owners, GVEH has frozen semen in storage from many world class stallions qualified for export to the US & Europe. In this economic downturn, stallion owners can venture beyond the US market and tap into the growing Australian economy by freezing semen with export qualification for Australia.

GVEH Scope Freezing semen for export to Australia requires additional health testing during the semen freezing session, contact us or your local SBS affiliate lab for further information. Select Breeders can also assist you with export of semen to GVEH, and GVEH can act as your storage and distribution center in Australia. 

Already have semen export qualified for Australia, contact GVEH for information on their storage and distribution fees and talk to your local SBS affiliate lab about arranging an export shipment. We also have another SBS affiliate lab in New South Wales, Australia - Tamworth Equine.

After the US, Australia sends the second highest number of visitors to our website, so if you would like to market your stallion to the Australian market be sure to post and/or update your stallion profiles!

* https://rirdc.infoservices.com.au/downloads/06-114

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