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Overnight and Foal Watch Technician






Select Breeders Services-Veterinary Services, LLC (SBS-VS) is seeking to hire an energetic, motivated, and dedicated individual to join our team of equine and veterinary professionals at our Chesapeake City, Maryland breeding center for the upcoming breeding season. Our mare and foal facility houses and cares for 20 to 60 mares and foals depending on the season of the calendar year. We care for pregnant mares, foals through weaning, breeding mares, embryo transfer donor mares, recipient mares, and routine veterinary patients in both an in-house and ambulatory capacities. We provide routine breeding and veterinary care, referral reproductive care, management of cooled and frozen semen breeding, embryo transfer, trans-vaginal oocyte aspiration, and foaling services. Additionally, we have a dedicated herd of mares that serve as recipients to receive equine embryo transfer.

Our parent company, Select Breeders Services, is a global leader in producing equine frozen semen, storage, and distribution. The Maryland facility is the central laboratory for all affiliate SBS labs in the US. For more information on SBS please see our website at: http://www.selectbreeders.com

Specific Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Responsibilities as Veterinary Technician:

  • Hold horses for veterinary procedures as required during scheduled hours
  • Administer medications to horses as directed by veterinarian
  • Monitor the health status of neonatal foals in the ranch barn
  • Facilitate and oversee normal foaling events
  • Monitor the foaling mare population for signs of impending parturition
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the shared office space and restrooms at ranch facility and west barn facility
  • Coordinate with Dr. Scofield and the Barn Manager at SBS-VS regarding the arrival and departure of horses and the logistics of housing an ever-changing population of mares
  • Assist with daily horse care including occasional stall cleaning, feeding, watering, turn-out and grooming when required

Barn check and nightly rounds at both mare and stallion facilities:

  • Perform nightly horse health checks, feed and water boarding horses at both facilities.

Skills Required

  • Horsemanship, horse care and general horse handling.
  • Basic computer skills, including Microsoft Office programs.
  • Fundamental understanding of equine reproduction and breeding management
  • Be able to lift and move water buckets, bales of straw and hay
  • Be able to restrain neonatal foals and manage adult equines.

Hours (subject to change):

  • Sunday: 7pm Sunday evening to 7am Monday morning
  • Monday: 12am – 7am
  • Tuesday: 12am – 7am
  • Wednesday: 12am – 7am
  • Thursday: 12am – 7am

Salary: Salary is commensurate with experience and ability.

Position Details: This position requires 40 hours/week when foaling mares are present in the facility. Start and end date are flexible as the population of foaling mares fluctuates. Possible suspension of duties may occur as population of foaling mares dictates.

Interested parties should email or mail a Letter of Interest and Resume to:


Select Breeders Service, Inc.
Attn: Jonathan Clark
961 Cayots Corner Rd
Chesapeake City, MD 21915
(410) 885-3202