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Four Sixes Ranch

About 6666's Ranch

6666 L Barn Established in 1870, the historic Four Sixes Ranch is located in Guthrie, Texas. Today the Four Sixes encompasses nearly 350,000 acres in West Texas, and is the largest individually owned ranch property in the State. Much about the Four Sixes Ranch has not changed since it was founded. The cattle, numbering in the thousands, are still worked by horseback and the broodmares and foals lead a natural life roaming the many pastures. Somehow both slow-paced and fast moving at the same time, the 21st century seamlessly blends with the time-honored values, traditions and methods utilized for the past 138 years.

Mare&FoalThe Sixes breeding program, lead by Dr. Glenn Blodgett, has consistently produced and developed Quarter Horses that are sought after for their high levels of performance and marketability. The Four Sixes' performance Quarter Horses have included sires like Joe Hancock, Hollywood Gold, Grey Badger II and Tanquery Gin. Top sires in the race-bred lineup have included Dash For Cash, Special Effort and Streakin Six. The ranch was chosen as the 1993 recipient of the prestigious AQHA Best Remuda Award.

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ClinicThe Four Sixes has one of the most sophisticated breeding facilities, and fully equipped veterinary clinics in the country. Attended by two full-time veterinarians and a number of staff, the ranch provides veterinary services for the ranch's own horses as well as those from surrounding areas. The reproduction division accommodates the ranch's 20-30 stallions and breeds >1,200 mares annually. The laboratory is equipped with the latest technology such as: a Hamilton-Thorne IVOS computerized semen analyzer, controlled rate cell freezer, Nucleocounter, fluorescent sperm counting device, and other equipment required for providing state of the art semen processing. The ranch is considered second to none in its dedication to quality.

DashForCashStatueIn addition to on-site breeding and mare management, other reproductive services offered by Four Sixes Ranch include: cooled and frozen semen, all aspects of embryo transfers, shipped embryo implantation, and an innovative cooled semen courier service known as Sixes Direct that serves the Aubrey/Pilot Point and Weatherford areas of North Texas.  Through its affiliation with SBS, The Four Sixes will provide breeding soundness exams, phantom training, collection for shipped semen, and semen freezing services for the stallions standing at the ranch in Guthrie as well as for stallions in the immediate surrounding area.  Furthermore, the ranch can offer suggestions on stallion and broodmare management for your own herd.

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Glenn Blodgett, DVM

DocDr. Blodgett completed his DVM credentials at Texas A & M University  and had a busy private practice in Spearman, Texas before being enlisted as the Four Sixes Ranch Equine Division Manager in 1982.  To learn more about Dr. Blodgett see our articles: Glenn Blodgett Named AQHA President and Congratulations to SBS Affiliate Member Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

Mallory Canaday

MalloryOriginally from North Texas, Mallory attended Colorado State University, where she obtained a BS degree in Equine Sciences in 2008 and an MS degree in Equine Industry and Leadership in 2010.  Mallory completed an undergraduate internship at the Four Sixes in 2007 before signing on with the ranch full time in 2011.  To learn more about Mallory please click here.


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