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Is Deep Horn Insemination Beneficial When Breeding With Equine Frozen Semen?

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May 02, 2015

Site of Insemination - Mare and FoalThere have been many changes in how we produce foals from our broodmares in the past few decades: cooled semen, frozen semen, embryo transfer, frozen embryos, etc. One procedure that has gained popularity is deep horn insemination. This refers to placing the semen deep in the uterine horn, close to the opening of the oviduct (uterotubal junction, UTJ) on the side of ovulation instead of depositing it in the uterine body. This is typically done using a flexible pipette that can be guided to the tip of the horn with the other hand in the rectum. The end of the pipette and the tip of the uterine horn can both be felt using this method.

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Featured Blog: Foal Diarrhea - Avoiding it Altogether

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February 05, 2014

Foal_newborn A newborn foal’s biggest adversary is infection from pathogens such as Rotavirus, E. coli and Salmonella bacteria. In fact, diarrhea or sepsis (generalized body infection) is the leading cause of neonatal intensive care in foals. The illness starts out as invasion by one of many viruses or bacteria. Rotavirus is highly contagious and happens when foals ingest focally contaminated material or lick surfaces contaminated with manure. One teaspoon of Rotavirus-infected feces from a foal can contain more than 10 million virus particles – enough to infect whole herds of foals. Unfortunately, too, the virus is so hardy that it can survive more than nine months at room temperature and over winter on farms.

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What size straws do you use and why?

We use plastic (polyvinyl chloride) straws that hold 0.5 mL of volume in each straw. In the past, 4 ml or 5 ml macro-tubes have also been used to package stallion semen for freezing. In the last 10 years, SBS has opted to use 0.5 mL straws because a more consistent freezing rate within the straw can be achieved, as the straw diameter is considerably less than that of the macro straw. When the freezing rate of all of the sperm within the straw is consistent, then the overall quality of the semen is maximized once they are thawed and ready for insemination. Another benefit achieved from using 0.5 mL straws, is that they can be used with mechanical filling and sealing machines which ensure consistent filling of straws, a secure seal and a reduced processing time. Furthermore, 0.5 mL straws lend themselves to several different methods of convenient storage in either large or small goblets or on canes. Plus post-thaw evaluation of 1 or 2 (0.5mL) straws from each batch represents only 1/8 to 1/4 of a breeding dose.

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Cuoghi_Testimonial Photo"SBS made it very easy for us. They took care of all of the export and import processes as well as inseminating many of my mares for the last few years."

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