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  • Breed: Dutch Warmblood
  • Discipline: Dressage
  • Registry: American Hanoverian Society, Hanoverian Verband, International Sporthorse Registry, KWPN, NA/WPN, Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society, Oldenburg Registry of N.A., Oldenburg Verband, Swedish Warmblood Association of N.A., Westflisches Pferdestammbuch e.V.
  • Export qualified: yes
  • Qualified for: European Union, Norway, Switzerland, United States
  • Available in: Italy, United States
  • Agent: Sporthorse Legacy LLC
  • Owner: Harmony Sporthorses
  • Last Updated: Thu Apr 16, 2015


Our flagship stallion Rousseau, occupies a prominent place in our hearts and our aspirations, having managed him into his supremacy as an international breeding stallion. Rousseau’s remarkable success is exemplified by the fact that out of his first four foal crops in the Netherlands, Rousseau produced three consecutive Champions of the KWPN Stallion Licensing: Wamberto (2006), Blue Hors Zack (2007), and Ampere (2008). From his first foal crops in Germany, Rousseau has four licensed sons: Fiorano named to the Premium Ring of the 2008 VhW licensing, Fuerst Rousseau now standing at Celle, a Rousseau-Lauries Crusader licensed in the late 2008 Hanoverian korung and Rousseau Noir, licensed by the GOV. Three of Rousseau’s sons won their stallion performance tests with record-breaking results, Wamberto, Fiorano, and Ampere! With National Champions in the Netherlands, USDF National Champion titles here in the US, and offspring performing at the top of their peer groups at CDI’s around the world, Rousseau’s impact is proven. A top class stallion who consistently produces top class offspring, Rousseau is readily available to North American breeders for fresh, cooled semen services; we proudly offer his frozen semen services to breeders around the world with ready inventories waiting in Europe.



KWPN Stallion Show – Championship Ring.
KWPN Select Sale Top Sale.

70 Day Stallion Performance Test, Ermelo, The Netherlands.
8.5-walk, 8-canter, 8-dressage ability.


PAVO Cup Champion as a 4-year old, Dutch National Championship under
Nicolette Van Lierop: 89 points.
Earned “10's” from guest riders Lisa Wilcox and Stefan van Ingelgem.


PAVO Cup Reserve Champion as a 5-year old, Dutch National Championship under Nicolette Van Lierop.

KWPN Stallion Show Champion, Divoza Cup.


FEI World Championships for Young Horses, Verden, Germany .
Reserve Champion under Nicolette Van Lierop:
8.8-trot, 9-canter, 8.6-walk, 8.8-suppleness, 9-impression, 8.84 overall.




2006 KWPN Stallion Licensing Champion
(Rousseau x Olinda v. Voltaire — Dutchboy)


2003 KWPN Stallion bred by Jelke and Linda Heida, The Netherlands

2006 Champion of the KWPN Stallion Licensing
2007 100-Day Stallion Performance Test/ Paxton Farm (USA)
Highest scores ever in North American 100-Day Stallion Performance Testing
Overall performance index of 158.78, Dressage index of 168.87, Jumping index of 145.15



2007 KWPN Stallion Licensing Champion
(Rousseau x Orona v. Jazz — Belisar)


2004 KWPN Stallion bred by B. Wilschut, The Netherlands

2007 Champion of the KWPN Stallion Licensing (under the name “Zagreb”)
KWPN Select Sale top sale at 430,000 € to Blue Hors Stud of Denmark
Reserve Champion of Stallion Performance Testing in Denmark
Blue Hors Zack and Andreas Helgstrand earn 3rd place with overall score of 8.80 in Four Year Old Division of the Danish Young Horse Championships in 2008
Spring 2009 video.


2008 KWPN Stallion Licensing Champion
(Rousseau x Larivola v. Flemmingh-Amor)


2005 KWPN Stallion bred by A.T. Rensen, The Netherlands

Third successive KWPN Stallion Licensing Champion for Rousseau at 2008 KWPN Stallion Show in Den Bosch (under the name Ajong)
Owned by a partnership between Tamerus Beheer, Nico Witte and Reesink Horses
Champion of the Spring 2008 KWPN Stallion Performance Test in Ermelo at 8 points ahead of the reserve stallion
Earned 9.5 for his canter and 9′s for the trot, suppleness, rideability, and potential, finishing with a total of 88.5 points


Top finish at 2007 KWPN Stallion Performance Testing, Ermelo
(Rousseau x Patoya v. Whinny Jackson-Darwin)


2004 KWPN Stallion bred by J.A.P. Gloudemans, The Netherlands


Earned KWPN license at the 2007 Stallion Performance Test at Ermelo
Performance Test Scores of 9 for trot, suppleness, and suitability as a dressage horse
Overall score of 85
Purchased as a yearling by British WEG team rider Wayne Channon


Approved KWPN Stallion – 2007
(Rousseau x Univers v. Rubinstein – Donnerhall)



2004 KWPN Stallion bred by E.M.G. Kuijpers, Netherlands

Scores of 8 for walk, trot, canter, suppleness and capability as a dressage horse, score of 8.5 for rideability at KWPN Stallion Performance Test, Ermelo. Overall score of 80.
Participating in 2009 KWPN Stallion Show Divoza Cup
First foal crop expected 2009 (over 90 mares covered)
Qualified for 2010 World Breeding Championships for Young Horses under Nikki Schaap for The Netherlands – Six Year Old Division


Premium VhW Stallion; Champion HLP at Munster-Handorf
(Rousseau x Rawina v. Rotspon-Lauries Crusador)



2005 Hanoverian Stallion bred by Anke von Riegen, Germany

Named to Championship ring at Fall 2007 VhW Licensing and titled a Premium stallion of the licensing
Champion of the August 2008 70-Day Stallion Performance Test at Munster-Handorf with nearly a 12 point lead and an overall score of 136.12
Earned 9.5 on temperament and rideability and 9.o on character, constitution, and trot
Dominated Dressage portion of the testing with 20+ point lead over the next highest scoring stallion in that phase with 141.70
Stands at Hengststation Pape in Germany
In full training under Susan Pape
Fiorano at 2010 Oldenburg Stallion Days – Stallion Parade (Fiorano begins at minute 3:05)
Fiorano at 2011 Neuenkirchen.


Top finish at 2008 Stallion Performance Testing, Adelheisdorf
(Rousseau x Weltina v. Weltmeyer — Grenadier)



2005 Hanoverian Stallion bred by Reinhold Haferland, Germany

Approved for Hannover in the VhW late 2007 approval
Leased by the Hanoverian State Stud, Landgestüt Celle for 2008 breeding season
In November of 2008, finished 3rd of 29 at the 70-day Stallion Performance Test at Adelheisdorf
Earned 9.0 for rideability and 8.0’s or higher for temperament, trot, and canter at Performance Test.
Now fully licensed, will continue to stand at Landgestüt Celle with his first foal crop expected in 2009
Will be ridden by Ole Kuehler, current rider of Don Frederico
Second Rousseau son approved in Hanover
Half -brother to 2008 World Champion 6-Year Old, Dramatic, by Don Frederico


(Rousseau – Farrington)



2002 KWPN Gelding bred by H. Rongen, Holland

VIP formerly KWPN licensed son
Scoring consistently in the 70% range in the FEI Young Rider division at prestigious 2012 CDI’s like Dressage at Devon and Saugerties


(Rousseau – Farrington – Hierarch)


2005 Mare bred by Sonnenberg Farm owned by Dr. KC Dunn

2011 Allure S was qualified for the Markel/USEF FEI Young Horse Championships and finished on an overall 8th place.
2012 Allure S and rider Angela Hecker-Jackson competed in the USEF Developing horse qualifiers with great success.


(Rousseau x St. Pr. Doro v. Del Piero — Lauries Crusader xx)

2006 Hanoverian Stallion bred by Ingo Pape of German
Photos coming soon.

Top Sale at 2008 Hanoverian Auction at 80,000 Euros, purhcased by Gestut Tannenhof
Approved by the Oldenburg Verband
Attending 70-day test in Adelheidsdorf in August 2009.


(Rousseau x Krack C)



2002 KWPN Mare bred by Stoeterij ‘T Centrum, The Netherlands

2005 Third Place Three Year Old Mare in Holland, “Top Model” of National Mare Show


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