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Featured Lab: Bella Vista Equine Reproduction Services

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January 04, 2018

Bella Vista Equine - Dr. Martinsen (2) Select Breeders Services wishes to welcome our newest Affiliate Laboratory, Bella Vista Equine Reproductive Services (BVERS) in Ohio. The clinic was founded in 2005 by Dr. Elizabeth Martinsen, a Board Certified Theriogenologist with 20 plus years of clinical experience. Their specialty is equine reproduction. They are located approximately one-hour northeast of Columbus, Ohio. The facility is nestled on approximately 40 acres where they also maintain an embryo transfer recipient herd for their embryo transfer program. They also offer services to Ohio and the Midwest region through their in-house and ambulatory practice. BVERS provides breeding and management of problem mares, complete embryo transfer services, on site foaling, frozen semen services and comprehensive stallion work-up.

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Featured Blog: Care of the Newborn Foal

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January 05, 2018

foaling mare What transpires in the first 24 to 48 hours of a foal’s life is critical to his health and well-being from early life and up through weaning. As a foaling attendant there are several “milestones” to keep in mind as you watch the behavior of both the baby and the mare post-foaling. In this article we discuss the milestones they both should make within the few hours after the foal’s arrival into his new world. The care delivered, attention to detail, and respect for the nature of the horse will help set up your foal up for a healthier adolescence.

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Featured Question

How do you test the quality of frozen semen?

We perform a thorough post-thaw evaluation on 2 pooled straws from every ejaculate frozen. After thawing, the semen is cultured to confirm the absence of bacterial growth and sperm motility is evaluated both visually and using a Hamilton-Thorne CEROS model automated motility analyzer. We also perform this motility evaluation after the thawed semen is diluted in extender and incubated at 37°C for 30 minutes. Computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA) allows objective evaluation of sperm motility and provides information on total and progressive motility as well as velocity parameters. However, one must remember that although motility is an indicator of relative cell health, fertilization is a complex process that requires numerous functional attributes of both sperm and egg. Therefore the true fertility of this or any frozen semen can only be determined by properly timed insemination of reproductively healthy mares.

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Martha Reeves - Testimonial"Dr. Ritthaler of Weatherford Equine Breeding Center explained the freezing process to us, the benefits of using SBS and assured us it was a safe way..."

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