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SBS North Germany

Team at SBS North Germany


In Spring 2002, Paul Loomis MS together with SBS Europe and the owners of the Equine Clinic in Lüsche formed Select Breeders North Germany (SBS-NG).

Located in Northern Germany, SBS-NG is an SBS Affiliate Laboratory which offers semen freezing and related services throughout Europe via the affiliate laboratory network.

SBS-NG also acts as a storage and distribution center for semen coming to Germany from other laboratories in the SBS Network.

For more information regarding SBS-NG call:

0049-5438-958561 (Germany) or visit our website www.sbs-northgermany.de



  • Collecting, freezing, storage and distribution of frozen semen
  • Insemination with fresh, chilled, and frozen semen
  • Breeding soundness and fertility evaluation
  • Diagnostic and treatment of subfertility
  • Phantom training
  • Embryo transfer

For information about frozen semen available in Europe and Australia from Quarter Horse, Paint Horse and Appaloosa stallions click here.


Ute Pansegrau - PhotoDr. Ute Pansegrau - Executive Veterinarian for Reproduction

Maike DueserMaike Dueser- Veterinary Assistant