Are You Ready for Breeding Season?

February 03, 2016

Posted by SBS in Stallion Management

istock Stallion Head Shot It's best to prepare for breeding season before it arrives. Our library of news and blog articles can be a great resource for the new or experienced breeder, whether you have one mare or stallion, or manage the operations of a larger breeding farm. Here we will review our articles which encompass the subjects of breeding mares and stallions as well as their nutritional considerations.  For additional information on the topics of pregnant and foaling mares as well as foaling and foal care visit Preparing for Foaling Season.

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Balancing a Stallion's Life in the Breeding Shed with Competing in the Show Ring

February 26, 2015

Posted by Natalie DeBerardinis in Stallion Management

Balancing Stallion_Royal PrinceSuccessfully managing a stallion’s competition and breeding careers requires careful planning. It’s easy to forget that they are essentially being asked to have two distinctly different jobs. Each of his jobs place different physical and mental demands on the stallion and your management approach needs to account for all of those demands.

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An Engaging Way to Promote Your Stallions with Social Media

June 02, 2014

Posted by Chad Mendell in Stallion Management

Stallion head shot Each year, we survey horse professionals all over the world on how they promote their businesses. Word of mouth consistently tops the list but social media is not far behind. The two are very closely related and the reality is social media is word-of-mouth marketing on steroids. Not only are you able to talk to those people right in front of you but with social media you can talk to hundreds or thousands of people at once.

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Value of Collecting Semen on One Mount

March 04, 2014

Posted by SBS in Stallion Management

Collection of Stallion It is generally known that the quality of semen after freezing is dependent upon how good the semen is immediately after collection and prior to freezing. In some cases there is nothing one can do to improve the quality of the semen collected and one has to deal with the cards he has been given. However, there have been several management factors identified that adversely affect the quality of semen collected. The goal of every collector should be to carefully prepare the AV and collect the stallion on one mount. Each time a stallion mounts and enters the AV and does not ejaculate the pre-sperm is accumulated in the bottle. After each unsuccessful collection attempt the bottle should be replaced with a warm fresh bottle. If this does not occur we know that the quality of the semen will be decreased.

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Collecting Semen from the Young Stallion

April 23, 2013

Posted by Paul Loomis in Stallion Management

Training 1At SBS, we are often presented with young stallions for semen collection and evaluation. There are a variety of reasons that stallion owners want to have semen collected from their young stallions including; 1) evaluation of sperm production and quality to assess suitability as a breeding stallion, 2) training to collect on a phantom with an artificial vagina in preparation for a breeding career and 3) to collect and preserve semen from a young stallion prior to castration or starting a performance career.

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