Equine Chiropractic Care

December 11, 2017

Posted by Dr. Jessica Quigg in General Interest

istock_sweaty jumper Every day, both the human and veterinary medical fields are striving to work towards practicing the most innovative forms of care. These alternative therapies range from cold laser and magna wave to massage therapy and chiropractics. Currently, a strongly emerging field in the equine veterinary industry is the practice of chiropractics. It acts to improve the overall health of the horse by restoring the spinal column’s normal movement and alignment. The thought is that when something is affected higher up in the vertebral column, it can present as lower limb lameness or gait abnormality.

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2017 SBS Annual Meeting Review

December 09, 2017

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

SBS Annual Meeting Group Photo_2017 This year the 17th Annual Meeting of SBS Affiliated Laboratories returned to Chesapeake City, Maryland on December 4th and 5th. Each year our team members from around the world gather to review procedures and policies, share information and experiences, discuss recent developments in the industry and set plans for the future. Our network is ever expanding as we include more affiliate laboratories. This year we welcomed Jadem Arabians in Belgium and we will welcome our newest affiliate member, Dr. Elizabeth Martinsen of Bella Vista Equine in St. Louisville, OH, to our team in 2018.

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