SBS Standing Several Stallions for 2016

March 31, 2016

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Stallion_Russel Hanover Select Breeders Services (SBS) in Maryland and Select Breeders Southwest (SBSW) in Texas are standing several stallions for the 2016 breeding season. SBS and the processing, storage and distribution of equine frozen semen go hand in hand. However, we offer a wide variety of equine reproduction services which includes the management of stallions for cooled semen shipments during the breeding season. Some of the stallions we manage remain resident at our facilities in Maryland or Texas whereas others may trailer in and out of the facilities on collection days while they remain in training at other facilities. At SBS in Maryland we also provide the collection and processing of cooled semen on farm at two of the largest Sporthorse farms in the country. The breeds and disciplines we work with stretch to both ends of the spectrum from draft horses to miniature horses as well as successful show stallions to stallions used for trail riding.

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Introducing A Nurse Mare to an Orphaned Foal

March 31, 2016

Posted by SBS in Foals and Foaling

Mare and FoalThe arrival of a foal is always an exciting time regardless of whether you have a large breeding farm or just one mare to foal out. What happens when an emergency arises and you find yourself with a very young orphan foal that needs milk? Problems that may arise include: the mare dies during or soon after foaling, the mare colics or has other health issues which require emergency intervention, the mare rejects the foal, and/or the mare does not produce enough milk or “dries up.” There is always the option of bottle feeding these foals but this is a very time consuming process and the foal could tend to be more socialized towards humans than horses. These unfortunate circumstances are the perfect time to consider a nurse mare who can be brought in to adopt and raise the orphaned foal.

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