Rachel Ehrlich

November 14, 2017

Posted by SBS in Focus On Our Breeders

Rachel Ehrlich_DonarWeiss Photo Greengate Farm, established nearly 30 years ago by Warren and Rachel Ehrlich, is nestled in the peaceful farming community of New Braintree, Massachusetts. The farm consists of two facilities, a 15-acre main farm and an additional 45-acre facility used for grazing and layup. Their breeding program began after Rachel was in a car accident that ended her ability to compete in the sport of combined driving. It was during this time that she became interested in researching the bloodlines of warmbloods. Now, Greengate Farm is focused exclusively on the breeding and sales of premium quality warmblood sport horses.

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Hemp Bedding and the Health Benefits It Offers to Horses

November 05, 2017

Posted by Old Dominion Hemp in General Interest

Hemp Bedding_Stall Photo Horse owners have many options when it comes to bedding in the stalls of their horses. When choosing a bedding one may consider cost, what is readily available in a particular area, whether the bedding will greatly increase the dust particles in the environment, etc. For example, some may choose straw because it is more readily available in their area whereas others may choose wood shavings because they absorb more moisture. Hemp bedding is a new product on the market which may address many of the things a horse owner considers when choosing the right bedding.

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Marta Agrò

November 05, 2017

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Marta Agro_On Horse (2) Marta Agrò (photo left) works alongside Dr. Sandro Barbacini at Studio Veterinario Associato Luretta, an SBS Affiliate Laboratory located in Piacenza, Italy. She has always had a passion for horses and was thrilled when one of the founders of the Luretta veterinary clinic asked her to join his team which she has now been a part of for several years.  She grew up in Italy with her parents and two older sisters. After graduating high school she studied at the University of Parma where she completed courses to become an equine breeding technician. She also began working for a well-known fast food restaurant at this time. She began to save the money she earned to achieve her long time dream of owning a horse. In September 2008 that dream came true when she had saved enough money to purchase an 8 year old gelding named Kevin. She said, “He’s been so good and patient with me ever since we met.”

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