2014 Foal Photo Contest Winner

September 09, 2014

Posted by SBSI in General Interest

Foal_2014_Jezebel S.E._Everdale contest winner And the winner is...Jezebel S.E. Congratulations to our 2014 Foal Photo Contest Winner, Siegi Belz-Fry, for winning a $75.00 Dover Saddlery gift certificate for the photo she submitted of her foal, Jezebel S.E. (Everdale x Showbiz). It's always nice when mom is there to scratch the itch you just can't reach.

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Colic in the Broodmare

September 08, 2014

Posted by Dr. David Scofield in Mare Management

mares and foals Colic is usually a word that brings to mind fussy sick newborn children, sleepless nights, and sleep-deprived parents, unless you are a horse owner. Many horse owners live in fear of finding their horses in an episode of colic. Fortunately, many bouts of gastro-intestinal pain are mild, easily treated, or easily managed on the farm or with a visit from your veterinary professional. More serious episodes could be much more in depth, require extended medical therapy and possibly abdominal surgery. No episode of colic should be taken lightly and often times, intervention by your veterinary team can help prevent escalation of the pain and disease in the horse. In cases of serious colic, swift intervention can positively affect the outcome of prolonged hospitalization or surgical repair.

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Tamworth Equine Veterinary Centre

September 08, 2014

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Tamworth_Keller Edited Tamworth Equine Veterinary Centre is a three vet practice located in Tamworth, New South Wales which is halfway between Brisbane and Sydney, Australia. Situated on 30 acres on the highly fertile river flats it is in close proximity to the town centre and conveniently located across from the new Australia Equine and Livestock Centre. The region is in the center of the country’s burgeoning Quarter Horse industry and also has a strong population of Australian Stock Horses which participate in the uniquely Australian sport of Campdrafting.

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Kim and Carol Lansdowne

September 06, 2014

Posted by SBS in Focus On Our Breeders

Lansdowne - KS Badge edited For over 50 years the Lansdowne family has been raising beef cattle in Australia. For the majority of those years their operation was located near Katherine in Northern Territory. Then 13 years ago they decided to move their operation to a 45,000 acre plot of land in central Queensland. Horses play a big part in their lives as all gathering of their Brahman cattle is done on horseback. 

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