Why SBS?

You CAN get Comparable Fertility

  • Frozen semen can achieve comparable pregnancy rates to cooled semen in commercial breeding programs. SBS has developed and tested a simple and effective protocol for managing mares being inseminated with frozen semen.
  • Using this timed insemination protocol the following pregnancy results were obtained:
Cooled vs Frozen Semen Fertility (1999-2000)
Cooled Frozen
No. of Stallions 16 106
No. of Mares 850 876
1st Cycle PR 59% 51%
Seasonal Pregnancy Rate 75% 76%
Cycles/pregnancy 2.06 2.08

Loomis, PR (2001) The Equine Frozen Semen Industry. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction. Anim Reprod Sci, 68; 191-200.

Better Quality Control

  • With SBS Frozen Semen - a dose is a dose. Unlike cooled semen, the amount of semen you receive is not dependent upon the number of sperm in the collection and how many mare owners requested semen on the same day as you. Each frozen semen dose is prepared to contain an adequate number of viable sperm for optimum conception.
  • SBS Frozen Semen is a more consistent product. Post-thaw motility is generally consistent for an individual stallion and semen can be selected for shipment based upon the post-thaw motility of the sample. Unlike cooled semen, there are no missed breeding opportunities because the stallion had a poor collection and there is less potential for compromised semen quality due to extremes in environmental temperature during shipment.

Protection from Infectious Diseases

  • The use of frozen semen allows for pre-screening of infectious diseases. It is SBS policy that all stallions undergo health testing to insure that distributed semen does not act as a vector for the spread of infectious diseases.
  • SBS frozen semen contains no bacterial mare pathogens. It is SBS policy that every ejaculate of frozen semen be tested post-thaw for quality as well as for the presence of bacterial pathogens or significant contaminating bacteria.