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Featured News: The Abnormal Foaling...What Can Go Wrong?

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February 25, 2016

foaling mare You bred your mare almost a year ago, 340 days to be exact, and have been waiting patiently. You have given her all of her pre-foaling vaccinations, adjusted her diet, and prepared a warm, well bedded stall. Everything is just right! So what can possibly go wrong? Well, most likely nothing. Mares foal uneventfully about 90% of the time, but when things do go south, they do so very quickly. So every mare owner needs to be prepared for the potential circumstance when things do go wrong.

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Featured Blog: Endocrine Diagnosis of Infertility in Stallions

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April 05, 2018

istock Stallion Head Shot Diagnosis of infertility in stallions usually starts with a complete reproductive history and then collection of semen to evaluate seminal parameters, testis size and the potential presence of bacteria in the semen. A more detailed evaluation might also include drawing blood for hormonal analysis.

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Featured Question

How do I order frozen semen?
The specific ordering protocol may vary with each SBS Affiliated Laboratory; therefore we suggest you consult with the affiliate lab responsible for storing and shipping semen from the stallion you are interested in for specific details on their ordering protocol. However, we do share general principles. SBS is not a broker of frozen semen, inquiries regarding the purchase of a breeding to a particular stallion should be made to the stallion owner. Once the stallion owner has set up a service contract with a mare owner they will contact us to authorize release of frozen semen. We will not ship frozen semen to an individual unless we have authorization from the stallion owner on file. When the mare owner is ready for the frozen semen they call the SBS affiliate lab to request shipment. In most cases semen can be shipped the same day providing the request is made before 12pm. Frozen semen is shipped in “dry shippers” by Priority Overnight FedEx. Rental of the dry shippers varies between affiliate labs from 7-10 business days.

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