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Sir sbslg

Sir Sinclair

Stud Fee 1,500.00 USD
  • Breed: Dutch Warmblood
  • Discipline: Dressage, English Pleasure, Eventing, Hunter Jumper
  • Registry: KWPN, NA/WPN, Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society
  • Export qualified: yes
  • Qualified for: European Union, Norway, Switzerland
  • Available in: United States
  • Owner: Iron Spring Farm
  • Last Updated: Fri Jan 04, 2019


Dutch Warmblood
by Lord Sinclair
out of Krishna (Star /Sport, Pref) x Flemmingh (Pref)

Foaled: March 1999
Bay, 17H
Registration #: 99.00868
Approved by KWPN-NA

Sir Sinclair is the perfect combination of temperament, talent and bloodlines. An impressive athlete, he’s posted scores as high at 87% at Dressage at Devon and was named the 2005 National FEI 6 Year Old Champion and USDF FEI 6 Year Old Horse of the Year. In 2006, Sir Sinclair won the Prix St. George Challenge at Dressage at Lexington, with a score of 72.5%.

As a sire he’s equally remarkable. In Holland he has 18 Star daughters and 2 Approved sons, Wesley and Welcome Sir. In the U.S. he’s produced 39 first premium foals and won Get of Sire in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 at the Dressage at Devon Breed Show. Sir Sinclair’s yearling son, Bien Sir ISF, was named 2007 Dressage at Devon Breed Show Grand Champion, besting all other horses at the prestigious event. Sir offspring have won dozens of ribbons at the Dressage at Devon Breed Show each year. In 2008, he qualified for the USEF National Developing Horse Dressage Championship.



  • 2002 Top Dressage Horse in 100 Day Test at Ermelo
  • 2003 9th Overall PAVO Cup, 9th PAVO Cup semi-finals
  • 2004 10 First Place Wins in USA
  • 2004 Sir Sinclair qualified for and participated in World Championships for Young Dressage Horses (21st of 42)
  • 2004 Awarded the NA/WPN DG Bar Cup for Young Horses 5-6 Yrs. Old, a national award.
  • 2005 1st Place 6 Yr. Old FEI Test Dressage at Devon 87%
  • 2005 Ten Wins in the FEI 6 Year Old Division
  • 2005 National 6 Year Old FEI Champion
  • 2005 USDF FEI Six Year Old Horse of the Year
  • 2006 Won Prix St. George Challenge at Dressage at Lexington, with a score of 72.5%
  • 2007 Son Bien Sir Named Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon Breed Show
  • 2007 Ranked 9th Leading Dressage Breeding Stallions by USEF
  • 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 Winner Get of Sire Dressage at Devon Breed Show
  • 2008 1st Place USEF Developing Horse Test, 68.18%
  • 2010 Son Whopper is part of the Gold Medal, Netherlands, 4-in-Hand-Driving Team at the World Equestrian Games

Stallion Test Scores
Walk 8 , Trot 9 , Canter 8, Suitability as a dressage horse 8.5



Offspring's Sport Results in North America

  • 2014: Watch Me 2nd Place, FEI Intermediaire I, 71.84%. Zuperman 1st Place, 3 wins at Intermediare, high score 71.28%. Waku-Waku 1st Place Intermediare, MidWinter Dressage Fair, 70.4%. Zaida 1st Place, 4 wins at Fourth Level, high score 71.5%. Aphrodite 1st Place, 6 wins at Fourth Level. Ziggouras-Tar 1st Place, 2 wins at Fourth Level. Caymus 1st Place, 9 wins at Second Level.
  • 2013: Watch Me 1st Place, Produce of Dam, Dressage at Devon Breed Show, 80.30%. Zatino H  1st Place, 3 wins at Prix St.Georges & Intermediaire, high score 71.05%. Andorra ISF  1st Place, 6 wins at Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I hgh score 71.59%, 1st Place, KWPN-NA All Breeds Prix St. Georges, Adult Amateur,
    3rd Place, USDF Horse of the Year, Prix St. Georges, Adult Amateur. Zania  1st place, Prix St. Georges, Palm Beach Dressage Derby, 70.329%, 2nd place, Intermediaire I, Palm Beach Dressage Derby, 67.961%, 6th place, Intermediaire I Freestyle, USEF Festival of Champions, 70.95%, 1st Place, 6 wins at Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I with scores as high as 72%. Zefier 1st Place, Prix St. Georges. Zatino H. 1st Place, 3 wins at Prix St.Georges & Intermediaire, high score 71.05%. Zaida 1st Place, 2 wins at Fourth Level, high score 73.64%. Aphrodite ISF 1st Place, 4 wins at Fourth Level. Ziggouras-Tar 1st Place, 4 wins at Fourth Level. Caymus 1st Place, 7 wins at First and Second Level, high score 73.103%
    1st place, KWPN-NA All Breeds Awards, First Level Open and First Level Amateur.
  • 2012: Waku-Waku 9 top 5 placings at Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I.  Zuperman  1st , 6 wins at Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I, high score 72.89%. Zatino H.  Reserve Champion, Region 8 GAIG/USDF Prix St.Georges Championship. Andorra   1st Place, Dressage at Devon, 4th Level, Multiple Wins at 3rd and 4th Level.
  • 2011: Watch Me - competing Prix St. Georges & Intermediare I, Aruba ISF, Bijou ISF winning at Training and First Level dressage with scores in the 70%, William - Prix St. Georges; Warina - Third Level; Waku-Waku; Prix St. Georges
  • 2010: Zefier Res. Champ FEI 6-Yr-Old USDF HOY, 3rd Markel/USEF FEI 6-Yr-old Champs. Alleluia WRF, Aqua JP, Aramis, Avenger JP, Aruba ISF winning Tr & L1. Zania & Zuni winning L2. Warina, Zefier, Zatino H & Zuperman winning L3. Watch Me & William winning L3 & L4.
  • 2009: Winner (4-time) of Devon Get of Sire Dressage. Catalina ISF 2nd 2-Yr Old Fillies; Corona ISF 4th 2-Yr-Old Colts/Geldings, 4th East Coast Finals Colts; Coby Sinclair 8th 2-Yr-Old Colts/Geldings; Bijou ISF 1st 3-Yr-Old Fillies (80.6), 7th Filly Champs; Bien Sir ISF 1st 3-Yr-Old Colts/Geldings (81.2), 3rd Colt/Geld Champs, 10th East Coast Finals Colts; Eden ISF 8th Fillies 2009; Delmar ISF Res Ch Colt/Gelding Champs, 3rd East Coast Finals Colts; Dressage at Devon
    William Multiple 1st – 4ths places at L2, Potomac Valley Dressage, Raleigh & Capitol Dressage, Orlando Winter Classic, Zada Cup, Twice as Nice Dressage, Ocala Spring & Winter Dressage, Rocking Horse Spring Dressage.
    Zatino H 1sts & 2nds at FEI Young Horse TOC, ESDCTA Memorial Weekend, Centerline Events @ Westbrook Hunt.
    Andorra ISF 6th Tr1 Gold Coast Opener and Dressage; 1sts USDF 4-Yr-Olds, Tr1 &2, Dressage at Equestrian Estates, 1st USDF 4-Yr-Olds, Tr1 &2 Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge I and II.
    Warina 1sts L1 Zada Cup; Twice As Nice Dressage II, Ocala Spring Dressage, Dressage On The First Coast (2nd L3).
    Ziggouras-Tar 3rd & 5th FEI 5-YO Potomac Valley Spring Dressage; 1st & 3rd L1, Twice As Nice Dressage II; 1st & 2nd L1 Ocala Spring Dressage & Rocking Horse Spring Dressage.
  • 2008: Zatino-H Res Ch USEF Markel Nat’l 4-YO Champs w/ 8.24. Ziggouras-Tar 4th Nat’l 4-YO Champs w/ 7.68, seven wins at Tr & USEF 4-YO tests. Zuni wining at Tr. Watch Me 1st & 2nd PVDA 5-YO, multiple wins L1, 14th Nat’l 5-YO Champs. Americus SSF 2nd 3-YO Colts/Geldings, DAD. Delmar ISF 2nd Colts of 2008, DAD. Alleluia WRF 1st 3-YO Fillies Materiale, DAD. KWPN-NA Keuring: Bakara 1st 2-YO Dressage; Alleluia WRF 1st Dressage IBOP, 2nd DGB Cup 3-YOs; Andorra ISF 1st Dressage Mares.
  • 2007: Watch Me 1st Tr1 , two 1st Tr2, Ocala Spring Dres; 2nd Tr1, 1st Tr2, 2nd Tr4, Heidelburg Cup; two 1st 4-YO YH, PVDA; 1st 4-YO Materiale 8.10%, Capital Dres Classic; 2nd Tr4, two 1st 4-YO YH, Dressage at Lexington; 2nd FEI 4-YO 78.60%, 2nd KWPN 3 & Oldr 84.6%, DAD. Bedazzle ISF 1st Yrlng Fillies, Ch Filly, Res Ch Yng Horse, Ch. GAIC/USDF Filly Champs 83.05%, DAD; Bien Sir ISF , 1st Yrlng Colts, Ch Colt/Gelding Champs, Ch Yng Horse, Ch GAIC /USDF Colt Championship 87.25%, Gr Champ. 1st KWPN Two & Yngr 90%, DAD; Aruba ISF, 1st 2-YO fillies, DAD; Corona ISF 2nd KWPN Two & Yngr 83.5%, DAD.
  • 2006: Banderas 3rd, Barbados-ISF 5th (tie) Foals & Weanlings; Winclair 8th (tie) Conformation and 6th (tie) Movement; KWPN-NA Top Ten.
  • 2005: N.A. Keuring - Andorra ISF #2, Athena #7 (tie), Aruba ISF #9 (tie) Top Ten Foals, Zamora #1 Top Ten Yearlings. Andorra ISF 1st Fillies of 2005, Res Ch Filly, Res Ch Young Hrs, Ch Filly USDF/Cosequin Final, DAD. 


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