KCS Time Traveler

Stud Fee 500.00 USD
  • Breed: Welsh Pony Sec A
  • Discipline:
  • Registry: Welsh Pony & Cob Society of N.A.
  • Export qualified: no
  • Available in:
  • Owner: Lana Harper
  • Last Updated: Tue Jan 12, 2021


KCS Time Traveler is a purebred section A Welsh pony with correct movement, conformation, great pedigree, and the sensibilities of a noble gentleman, all at the young age of 6. The icing on the cake is that he can provide your mare some very exciting color genes! He is a primitive dun (grulla) roan, carrying a cream gene. EeaaDNdnRNrnCRcr, color tested by UC Davis.



This stallion is very athletic and has free jumped 3' fences from a near standstill, has incredible stamina at a gallop, and beautiful elegant paces that only a Welsh pony can offer. Whether you are looking for a sport pony or a harness prospect,  I would definitely consider Traveler!


Traveler consistently passes on his quiet, intelligent, and sensible nature to all of his offspring, making them a breeze to train. Of his offspring that I own, or have seen, they also possess his athleticism and versatility. 

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