SYP High Definition

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  • Breed: Morgan
  • Discipline: Park Harness
  • Registry: American Morgan Horse Association
  • Export qualified: no
  • Available in: United States
  • Owner: Elaine Olsen
  • Last Updated: Fri Apr 28, 2017


Since he first showed at the Grand National as a yearling to win his first World Championship, SYP High Definition continues to impress. His striking beauty and talent have earned him honors as World Champion Jr. Stallion, World Champion Open Park Harness and World Champion Amateur Park Harness along with Reserve World Champaion Amateur Championships. 

SYP High Defintion is full of incredibel quality and his wonderful temperament sets him apart. 


As a breeding stallion, he is stamping his look on his babies, his elegant neck and beautiful head.



2009 World Champion Open Park Harness

2010 World Champaion Amateur Park Harness

2011 Reserve World Champion Amateur Park Harness

2012 Reserve World Champion Amateur Park Harness

2013 World Champion Amatuer Masters park Harness

2016 World Cahmpion Amateur Park Harness 

2013 Voted Best Performance at the Morgan Grand National

Winner of the New England Horse Show Park Harness $10,000 stakes.





2013 World Champion Futurity Rare Definition

HK Dickie Deveille

RJMF Possessed


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