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Teade 392

Stud Fee 1,500.00 USD
  • Breed: Friesian
  • Discipline: Dressage
  • Registry: FHANA, FPS (Dutch Friesian)
  • Export qualified: no
  • Available in: United States
  • Owner: Iron Spring Farm
  • Last Updated: Tue Jun 09, 2020


by Anton 343
out of Irma van 't Zuid (Ster) x Pike 316

Foaled: April 14, 1998
Black, 16.1H
Registration #: 199818761
Approved by: Friesian Paardenstamboek Society

Since arriving at Iron Spring Farm, this impressive stallion has been an amazing example of what the Friesian breed is capable of.

In 2006, Teade was the Reserve Champion at Second Level at the USDF Region 1 Finals - scoring 67.64% and placed 4th in the CBLM Championships. Currently, Teade has been winning at 4th Level with scores over 66%.

Teade has been designated First Premie for six consecutive years and in 2007 he was awarded the Sport predicate in Dressage. His son, stallion Phantom of Noble, was awarded star and son Sylvester P was selected for stallion testing and Approved, entering the registry as Sipke 450 in 2009.

A total of 29 Teade offspring were awarded 1st or 2nd premie at the 2007 inspections and 26 1st and 2nd premies in 2008, including 7 Sters.

Teade 392 has a 2.93 breeding coefficient and is available for breeding via fresh semen to approved Friesian mares.

Stallion Test Results: Walk 7.0, Trot 7.3, Canter 6.4, Riding 6.6, Driving 7.5, Pulling 7.0, Show 7.6, Training 7.3, 77.4 Total

Mare owners please check for Neonatal Isoerythrolysis [NI] .




Teade 392 Achievements

  • Approved on Offspring
  • One Approved Son, Sipke 450
  • Awarded Sport Predicate for Dressage
  • USDF Performance Merit Award Training Level
  • 10 scores over 60% in 2002
  • 8 First Place Wins at Training and 1st Lvl. 2003
  • Awarded 1st Premium by FHANA 2001 through 2007
  • Competed through Fourth Level Dressage until retirement due to injury
  • Awarded Sport Predicate by FPS


  • Mink LSIIFHSA World Champion Country Pleasure Driving with Gareth Selwood, 2013IFHSA Top Five Fantasy Costume, 2013IFHSA Reserve World Champion Showmanship with Michelle Meyers, 2013IFHSA Reserve World Champion Baroque Geldings with Steven Stiller, 2013IFHSA Reserve World Champion Amateur Geldings with Michelle Meyers, 20131st Place Friesian Geldings, 3 Years & OlderPetra R.R.F.Provisional Crown and Champion Mare FHANA Keuring, 2011
  • Aria LSI, StarIFHSA World Champion Junior Mare, 2013IFHSA World Champion Baroque Mare, 2013IFHSA World Champion Sport Horse Mare, 2013IFHSA Reserve World Champion Amateur Mare, 20131st Place  Friesian Mares - 3 & 4 Years, Baroque Horse Classic 2012Star, 2nd Premie, 2013
  • Marie of Winterspring2nd Premie-Ster, Reserve Champion mare at site, FHANA Keuring 20121st Place Friesian Mares, 8 Years & Over & Friesian Sport Horse Mares - All Ages, Baroque Horse Classic, Champion Friesian Sport Horse & Champion Friesian mare Baroque Horse Region 2 Championships, Region 2 Champion Friesian Sport Horse Mare - All Ages, 2012
  • Asberry H.2nd Premie-Ster, Champion mare at site  & 3rd place (Top Five driving IBOPS) score 74.5, FHANA Keuring 20121st Place Region 1 Champion Friesian Carriage Pl Dr Working Single OpenCRAA Spring Derby Premiere Sport Horse Show, 2012
  • Teake1st Place, Second Level Test 2, Dressage in the Sierra, 2012
  • Ricky Z1st Place, First Level Test 3, June Dressage, 67.742% 20141st Place, First Level Test 3, July Dressage, 64.677%, 2014
  • Hessel Fan It Hiem 1st Place, First Level Test 2, Fun in February, 20131st Place, First Level Test 2, Tuscon Dressage Club Winter Heat I, 2012
  • Saakje's Midnight  1st Place, LVDA Dressage, First level test 1, 20125th place, 78.5, ISF IBOP Cup, 2012
  • Paradise ISF1st Place, five wins at First Level with scores as above 72%, 2010
  • Sally P, CrownCrown, FHANA Keuring, 2011
  • More than 120 1st and 2nd Premium offspring
  • 21 Star offspring
  • Approved Stallion Sipke 450
  • Tiramisu ISF Champion Mare, FHANA keuring, 2009Champion Filly, FHANA keuring, 2006
  • Devine Diva Champion Filly, FHANA keuring, 2009
  • Donen Gerke K Champion Colt, FHANA keuring, 2009
  • Trientsje Sietske Star Provisional Crown, Champion Mare,
  • Udeman Star Champion Gelding, FHANA keuring, 2009
  • Auspicious Black Cat Champion Colt, FHANA keuring, 2008
  • Bronte Champion Colt, FHANA keuring, 2008
  • Petra RRF Star Champion Mare, FHANA keuring, 2008
  • Qiana Z Champion Mare, FHANA keuring, 2008
  • Zipporah van Bliss Grand Champion, FHANA keuring, 2007
  • Windsor Grand Champion, FHANA keuring, 2007
  • Valdor ISF Champion Colt, FHANA keuring, 2006
  • Viviana van Teade Grand Champion, FHANA keuring, 2006
  • Rukas Champion Colt, FHANA keuring, 2005
  • Sytse of Noble Champion Filly, FHANA keuring, 2005

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