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Featured News: Foal Photo Contest 2015

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May 22, 2013

Foal_2014_Jezebel S.E._Everdale contest winner Send Us Your SBS Frozen Semen Foal Photos. Pull out your cameras and start snapping! We'd like to see photos of your foals born in 2015 from semen frozen by an SBS affiliate lab or resulting from embryo transfer performed at one of our SBS affiliate labs. The winner of the best foal photo will win a $75 Dover Saddlery gift certificate (or for for submissions from EU/AUS). Photos will be posted to our website and will be judged on composition by our SBS affiliate members. Click here to see the current submission of foals from 2015.

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Featured Blog: Why Colostrum Transfer is Critical to a Foal's First Weeks of Life

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March 29, 2015

Foaling season is officially upon us and right about now equine veterinarians have little else on the brain but colostrum. That’s how important colostrum is to a newborn foal; it can literally mean the difference between life and death.  In this article the members of FullBucket, a company providing veterinary strength supplements for horses and dogs, discuss the foal's immune system, why colostrum is such an important factor in the their first hours of life, and what you can do to ensure their life starts right.

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Featured Question

Is frozen semen less fertile than fresh or cooled semen?

Fertility of frozen semen is highly dependent upon the stallion. In one of the few published trials in which the fertility of fresh, cooled and frozen semen was evaluated from the same stallion, the fertility of cooled semen was less than fresh and the fertility of frozen semen was slightly less than cooled semen. However, in other studies based on a large number of inseminations, the fertility of cooled and frozen semen was found to be similar and both were slightly less than fresh. In 2010, for three breeding farms in MD managing a combined total of 36 stallions shipping either cooled or frozen semen to a total of 648 mares, the first cycle pregnancy rate was 63% for cooled semen and 60% for frozen semen. The end of season pregnancy rate was 79% for cooled semen and 76% for frozen semen. Demonstrating that in the general population of horse breeders comparable results can be achieved with cooled and frozen semen.

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Stallion_Aspen Way Gala Night“Thank goodness for frozen semen! Aspen Way Gala Night had undergone lifesaving colic surgery and would have missed the breeding season..."

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