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Featured News: Foal Photo Contest 2015

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May 22, 2013

Foal_2014_Jezebel S.E._Everdale contest winner Send Us Your SBS Frozen Semen Foal Photos. Pull out your cameras and start snapping! We'd like to see photos of your foals born in 2015 from semen frozen by an SBS affiliate lab or resulting from embryo transfer performed at one of our SBS affiliate labs. The winner of the best foal photo will win a $75 Dover Saddlery gift certificate (or for for submissions from EU/AUS). Photos will be posted to our website and will be judged on composition by our SBS affiliate members. Click here to see the current submission of foals from 2015.

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Featured Blog: My Stallion is Not Settling His Mares...What Do I do? - Part 1

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June 02, 2015

istock_Stallion 2 It is around this time of year that we receive calls for advice from anxious stallion owners concerned about a lower than anticipated conception rate for their stallion, in the hopes of finding some resolution and correcting any potential issues before the end of the breeding season. Time is running out to fulfill those breeding contracts and get those mares pregnant. There are so many variables that contribute to successful conception and pregnancy, from both the mare and the stallion side of things. From the stallion owners perspective they are looking to address the stallion’s semen quality, breeding management and reproductive status. But where to start? This article will give stallion owners an overview and provide a systematic guide to troubleshooting a resolution if possible. How a stallion owner/manager responds to and handles mare owner concerns regarding semen quality or fertility can make or break a relationship or reputation.

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Featured Question

What is the recommended minimum post-thaw motility for frozen semen?

SBS recommends that frozen semen used for commercial distribution contain > 200 million progressively motile sperm (PMS) after thawing with a minimum of 30% progressive motility. We measure post-thaw motility using an objective and accurate computer assisted semen analyzer (CASA) after the sample is thawed and incubated at 37°C for 30 minutes.

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What Our Clients Say

Dr. Andy Schmidt"In our hands SBS frozen semen has consistently provided high pregnancy rates when compared to semen from other sources. I also like the timed-insemination protocol..."

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