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Featured News: Foal Photo Contest 2014

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May 22, 2013

ilana Send Us Your SBS Frozen Semen Foal Photos               Pull out your cameras and start snapping! We'd like to see photos of your foals born in 2014 from semen frozen by an SBS affiliate lab or resulting from embryo transfer performed at one of our SBS affiliate labs. The winner of the best foal photo will win a $75 Dover Saddlery gift certificate (or for for submissions from EU/AUS). Photos will be posted to our website and will be judged on composition by our SBS affiliate members. Click here to see the current submission of foals from 2014.

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Featured Blog: Placentitis in the Mare - Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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April 01, 2014

Placentitis, an inflammation of the placenta usually caused by an infectious agent, has emerged as a leading cause of reproductive loss in the equine breeding industry. This has a large economic and emotional impact when the pregnancy progresses until close to term but unfortunately ends in abortion or the birth of a small ill-thrifty foal. The placenta is composed of the amnion, which surrounds the fetus, and the chorio-allantois that attaches to the endometrium of the mare. These structures protect the fetus and provide gas and nutrient exchange allowing the foal to grow. When placentitis occurs it usually affects the chorioallantois compromising the foal because there is a loss of attachment of the placenta to the endometrium or the presence of infection and inflammation.

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Featured Question

Does post-thaw motility correlate to fertility?
Fertility is inherent to each stallion as an individual and motility is just one attribute of sperm function. Fertilization is a complex process that requires numerous functional attributes of both sperm and egg. Therefore the true fertility of any semen - fresh, cooled or frozen - can only be determined by properly timed insemination of reproductively healthy mares. Nonetheless, sperm motility is still one of the best indicators we have for predicting success in a breeding program. If the post-thaw motility is quite low (10-20%) then fertility more than likely would be low. However, fertility does not necessarily improve with increasing motility; a stallion with a post-thaw progressive motility of 35% may be equally as fertile as one with 55% progressive sperm.

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Dr. Elizabeth Callahan"I like the convenience of frozen semen - not having to worry if my mare will ovulate on a day when Fed Ex can't get to me or the stallion owner doesn't collect. With the timed insemination protocol..."

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