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Featured News: SBS Research Presentations 2016

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October 06, 2016

Paul Since its inception, SBS has been at the forefront of research within the Equine Breeding Industry.  Each year SBS and its affiliate members participate in research studies to help advance the science of equine reproduction so that breeders can realize the full benefits of technology. To present research at these meetings our team members must submit their research projects and findings to specific committees in the hope they will be invited to present their data. Before 2016 comes to an end several SBS Affiliate Members spoke at meetings throughout the world.

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Featured Blog: Breeding for Color

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October 06, 2016

Color is among some of the earliest traits we selected in newly domesticated species (1). Today, color can be critical for registration and therefore, the value, of our horses. For example, in breeds like the Friesian (which requires true black) and the exotic Mangalarga Marchador (which does not allow cremellos or perlinos) color is more than an aesthetic preference, it is a breed requirement. Indeed, on average, presence of a spotting pattern doubles the value of an American Paint Horse Association (APHA) foal. For example, in 2006, the average price of an APHA registered yearling without a spotting pattern was $1540, while a yearling APHA registered horse with the tobiano pattern averaged $2803 (2).

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Featured Question

How long does it take to deplete stored sperm?

Depletion of aged stored sperm, that do not withstand the rigors of freezing very well, typically requires at least three “clean out” collections and sometimes more depending upon the individual stallion and how frequently he has recently been bred. Some stallions have a tendency to accumulate sperm in the reproductive ducts and require many more clean outs to acquire good quality sperm.

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Rachel Spencer"By freezing Popeye it allowed him to stay in work and not have his show schedule interrupted. We were able to keep him more fit and focused on his show career and..."

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