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Featured News: SBS Welcomes Three New Affiliate Laboratories

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April 10, 2017

We are excited to share with you the addition of three new laboratories to the SBS International Affiliate Laboratory Network. Two of the new labs are located within the United States while the third is located in Belgium. With the addition of McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital we have our first affiliate lab in the upper Northwest of the United States. Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital has come on board as our third affiliate in Kentucky. Jadem Arabians, located in Belgium, is our most recent addition in the European Union. Be watching upcoming editions of our newsletter as we will be highlighting each of these facilities in the near future. We are glad to welcome them to the SBS Network and look forward to developing new friendships and extending our SBS services to more clients throughout the world.

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Featured Blog: Analysis of Frozen-Thawed Equine Semen

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April 11, 2017

GVEH Scope Once equine semen is frozen it is recommended that a post-thaw analysis be performed in order to ascertain the semen quality. There is variability in how well sperm from different stallions respond to the cellular stress of freezing and thawing. It is important to determine how well the sperm from a particular stallion withstood the stress of cryopreservation in order to make informed decisions regarding the management of their frozen semen inventory and breedings. Also, when we freeze a stallion for the first time we do a test freeze comparing several different protocols. We then use the post-thaw motility to select the freezing protocol for subsequent collections which gives the best post-thaw result. There are industry recommended minimums for commercial distribution of equine frozen semen and therefore it is pertinent to know if your stallion’s frozen semen would qualify. Consequently, the analysis of frozen-thawed semen is a valuable tool for the semen freezing lab, but also for the veterinarian receiving the semen. Your vet may base the breeding management of your mare upon the post-thaw quality of the semen. Also, many vets take a look at the motility of the frozen semen at the time of insemination, for future reference if there are concerns should the mare not check in foal.

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Featured Question

Is frozen semen less fertile than fresh or cooled semen?

Fertility of frozen semen is highly dependent upon the stallion. In one of the few published trials in which the fertility of fresh, cooled and frozen semen was evaluated from the same stallion, the fertility of cooled semen was less than fresh and the fertility of frozen semen was slightly less than cooled semen. However, in other studies based on a large number of inseminations, the fertility of cooled and frozen semen was found to be similar and both were slightly less than fresh. In 2010, for three breeding farms in MD managing a combined total of 36 stallions shipping either cooled or frozen semen to a total of 648 mares, the first cycle pregnancy rate was 63% for cooled semen and 60% for frozen semen. The end of season pregnancy rate was 79% for cooled semen and 76% for frozen semen. Demonstrating that in the general population of horse breeders comparable results can be achieved with cooled and frozen semen.

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Martha Reeves - Testimonial "Dr. Ritthaler of Weatherford Equine Breeding Center explained the freezing process to us, the benefits of using SBS and assured us it was a safe way to have semen available..."

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