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Featured News: Colt Born 14 Years After Stallion's Death

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August 02, 2014

Foal_2014_Colt_Abdullah What happens when you breed a 22 year old maiden mare with frozen semen processed in 1989? It is no secret the first commercial client stallion whose semen was frozen by SBS was the 1984 Olympic medalist, Abdullah (Donauwind x Abiza). He was a beautiful grey Trakehner stallion owned by Terry and Sue Williams of New York. He passed away in January 2000 at the age of 29 years old. Recently, Sue contacted Paul Loomis to tell him a story about an Abdullah colt (photo left) born this year…fourteen years after the stallions death. Yet, that wasn’t the only interesting part of the story she had to tell.

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Featured Blog: Why Freeze Stallion Semen?

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August 04, 2014

Why Freeze_Tank Room SBSW All too often we hear tragic stories about the sudden death of a stallion whether it be due to an illness or an accident no one anticipated. He may have been a mature stallion who was already proving himself as a sire or a young stallion but now the world will never know his genetic capabilities. These conversations usually end with the stallion owner saying, “I wish I had frozen semen from him.” Or a mare owner saying, “I wish they had frozen semen on him because he would have been a wonderful cross with my mare.” It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Why do you have to deplete stored sperm before semen freezing?
Spermatogenesis is an ongoing process and sperm are produced and released from the seminiferous tubules at a constant rate. The stallion’s reproductive tract includes areas where these sperm are stored. Aged, stored sperm in the efferent ducts of the testes and epididymis have reduced longevity and a decreased ability to withstand the cellular stress of cooling or freezing and therefore post-thaw motility and fertility are usually compromised.

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