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Featured News: New Alternative to Putting Your Mare Under Lights

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October 31, 2014

Equilume mask - closeupIt has long been a goal for equine breeders to produce foals born as early in the year as possible. Foals born early in the year have a distinct economic advantage for breeders. However, Mother Nature, has a different plan.

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Featured Blog: Quality Control is at the Core of the SBS Difference

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October 31, 2014

Quality Control_SBS Extender LabThe SBS network of affiliates is the acknowledged leader in the field of cryopreservation of equine semen. Each year we freeze thousands of ejaculates equating to tens of thousands of doses. In fact, this year the SBS Network will surpass the 50,000 ejaculate milestone since the company’s founding in 1987. When SBS was founded the company leadership made a commitment to quality of the finished product above all else. We wanted to put technology to use to help grow the equine frozen semen AI industry in the most responsible manner possible. It was clear early on that one of the major factors limiting the application of frozen semen in the horse industry was inconsistent quality of the product being put on the market. Breeders and veterinarians experienced frustration with attempts to use expensive semen that in many cases was of very poor quality. We knew that in order for breeders to realize the full potential of frozen semen technology they would have to be convinced that by applying strict standards for quality, frozen semen could be produced to achieve results similar to cooled semen. We also knew that these results would have to be produced in an efficient and economical way. Quality became the cornerstone upon which we would build our business.

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What fertility should I expect with frozen semen?

In general, if a stallion has commercially acceptable semen quality, fertility should be 50-55% pregnant after one cycle and 70-80% pregnant after the breeding season. However, the fertility of frozen semen - just like fresh and cooled semen - is highly dependent upon the stallion.

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Stallion_Osilvis"I love using Select Breeder Services with my stallion, Osilvis. Having the ability to collect and
freeze semen when it is convenient..."

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