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Featured News: Diamond Creek Farm

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November 07, 2018

Diamond Creek - Racing Photo Adam Bowden, the owner of Diamond Creek Farm, is no stranger to the racetrack. His love for horses and harness racing began as a little boy when he grew up going to the racetrack in Maine with his father. His passion for racehorses continued through his college years when he spent time as an intern at Hanover Shoe Farms. It was during his time as an intern that his vision of becoming a major stallion operation, not only in the state of Pennsylvania but throughout the world, began to take shape. Diamond Creek Farm is well on its way to reaching this objective. Although they have only been breeding horses since 2006, they have already branched out into Ohio and hope to expand into New York, New Jersey and Ontario, Canada in the near future.

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Featured Blog: How to Find a Good Equine Reproduction Veterinarian

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January 23, 2013

horse and vet Owning an animal, be it a household pet, horses, or livestock can be wonderfully rewarding. There are times, however, when the responsibility of animal ownership requires the consultation of a veterinarian to ensure the health and well being of your animals or livestock. Most of these appointments will be for routine care, whereas other visits may require specialized services, like lameness diagnosis, surgery or reproductive management. Many horse owners use different veterinarians or vet clinics depending upon the services they require. However, those in more isolated or rural areas may be limited to a general practice veterinarian who routinely works with all species, being neither an equine or reproduction specialist. A breeder can still be equally successful in both situations, so long as they are prepared and have done their research to find the best veterinarian available to suit their needs.

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Featured Question

Do I or my vet need special tanks to hold frozen semen?

No. Select Breeders Service will ship enough frozen semen to manage the mare through one complete heat period. The shipping tanks are specially designed cryogenic vessels which maintain the frozen semen at -196°C for at least 10 days. This allows SBS to ship the semen to your vet well in advance of the anticipated insemination date avoiding the last minute rush to schedule semen shipments associated with cooled transported semen breeding. Also, if the mare fails to ovulate when predicted, no further shipments are required. There are sufficient doses of frozen semen in the tank to inseminate the mare again as needed. Of course, if you or your veterinarian own a liquid nitrogen storage tank, the semen could be transferred to this tank for storage.

See also: Proper Protocol for Receiving a Shipment of Equine Frozen Semen

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Rebeca Martin - Show Me the Buckles and Rebeca "SBS ensures that only quality semen is shipped and every step is done in a supervised, professional manner.  Their lab is filled with the most up to..."

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