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Featured News: Foal Photo Contest 2018

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May 22, 2013

Foal_2017_Filly_Dressage Royal x Benidetta III 200x Send Us Your SBS Frozen Semen Foal Photos. Pull out your cameras and start snapping! We'd like to see photos of your foals born in 2018 (2017 if born August – December in the Southern Hemisphere) from semen frozen by an SBS affiliate lab or resulting from embryo transfer performed at one of our SBS affiliate labs. The winner of the best foal photo will win a $75 Dover Saddlery gift certificate (or for for submissions from EU/AUS). Photos will be posted to our website and will be judged on composition by our SBS affiliate members. Click here to see the submission of foals from 2017.

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Featured Blog: Measuring Hormone Levels in Mares

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March 02, 2018

Measuring Hormones in Mares_P4 Instrument with TechEndocrine diagnostics certainly have a place in the routine management of mares and stallions as well as in diagnosis of problems and diseases. However, there are likely more applications for measuring hormones in mares than stallions. Dr. Ed Squires will discuss the hormones tested in mares in this article and will then cover the testing of stallion hormones in a subsequent article.

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Featured Question

Is my mare too old to breed with frozen semen?

In older and problem mares, pregnancy rates after insemination with frozen semen are lower than AI with fresh semen. Data collected from a large number of mares indicated that pregnancy rates per cycle were reduced in mares aged ≥ 16 years old (<16yr 54% verses ≥16yr 42%). The deposition of semen in the uterus, by natural breeding or artificial insemination, causes a strong inflammatory reaction. This is a natural process designed to remove excess sperm, seminal plasma and contaminants from the uterus. Older mares appear to be less efficient at clearing this natural inflammatory process that follows mating. An inflammatory uterine environment 5 days after fertilization is incompatible with survival of the embryo. Older mares, at risk of developing a persistent inflammatory reaction after semen deposition require additional management at breeding time. Treatment strategies for this population of mares should include prompt correction of anatomical defects of the caudal reproductive tract, limited uterine exposure to semen and bacteria and support of uterine clearance from contaminants and products of inflammation. Ideally, only semen of good fertility should be used in these mares.

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