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  • 5960 Hospital Road
  • Aubrey, TX 76227 USA
  • P: (940) 365-2467 (SBSW)
  • P: (940) 387-1177 (WSEH)
  • F: (940) 365-2570
  • info@selectbreederssw.com

WS / SB Equine Reproduction, LLC.


SBSW-WSEH Aerial View January 2022

Select Breeders Southwest (SBSW) and Weems & Stephens Equine (WSEH) have joined forces to deliver expanded offerings in equine reproduction!  Throughout this evolution in our companies and beyond, SBSW and WSEH will continue to provide the highest quality care and customer service that you have come to expect.  So, what else can you expect with this new partnership?

  • SBSW relocated to the grounds of Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital off of Spring Hill Road in Aubrey, Texas.  This is only a few miles away from our previous location.
  • This partnership was formed so we can provide complete cutting-edge reproductive services to stallion and mare owners within the region.  This veterinary partnership also gives us the ability to expand our stallion services.
  • Recently, WSEH built a brand-new reproduction center.  Modifications were made to this facility to accommodate all of the state-of-the-art equipment and services stallion owning clients of SBSW have been accustomed to over the past 28 years.
  • The frozen semen inventory at our Rock Hill Road facility was moved to our new, more secure location at WSEH.
  • There will be no changes in procedures or services to SBSW storage and distribution clients now that the relocation is complete. 
  • Standing Stallions:  We have a limited number of stalls available for standing outside stallions for cooled semen processing/shipping during the 2022 breeding season.  Please contact if you are interested in standing your stallion with us.

SBSW-WSEH Stallion Barn Construction 030921


  • Train to collect
  • Semen collection and evaluation
  • Cooled semen analysis and processing
  • Frozen semen processing (domestic/export)
  • Frozen semen storage and distribution (domestic/export)
  • Mobile laboratory semen analysis and processing
  • Standing stallions for breeding season
  • Full breeding soundness exams
  • Diagnosis and treatment of stallion reproductive disorders and subfertility


  • Breeding soundness exames
  • Foaling
  • Insemination with Fresh, Cooled or Frozen Semen
  • Complete embryo transfer services
  • Oocyte aspiration for ICSI


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