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Oklahoma City Equine Clinic



Oklahoma City Equine Clinic was established in 1990 by Doctors Brian Carroll, Dee Gragg, and Larry Powers. OCEC is a full-service equine clinic serving Oklahoma City and surrounding communities. The clinic is located on 24 acres within 10 minutes of the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds and Remington Park Racetrack. In 2008, the clinic underwent an extensive remodel to improve our hospital stalls, the climate controlled intensive care unit, pharmacy and office areas. OCEC also houses offices for our sister company, Embryo Transfer Services L.L.C.

Oklahoma City Equine Clinic is dedicated to providing a team of veterinarians and support staff committed to the highest standards of veterinary care for horses of all shapes and sizes. In pursuit of this goal, we provide the following areas of service: medicine, surgery, performance/lameness, ambulatory/emergency, and reproduction. With this diverse directory of services, OCEC is able to provide exceptional care from conception to performance to production.



icu baby 3The hospital contains 27 patient stalls, a four stall climate controlled ICU, foal-out stalls, and reproduction stalls separate from the hospital stalls. This physical layout facilitates OCEC's management of patients requiring routine, emergency or intensive care from neonates to adults. Our medicine services are supported by an in house laboratory, digital radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, including a 3 meter gastroscope, and a dedicated 24 hour  technician staff. A large volume of reproductive clientele provides a substantial case load of neonatal patients that receive cutting edge care.  


surgeryElective and emergency surgical services provided by OCEC include arthroscopic, orthopedic, and soft tissue, including reproductive surgery. The surgical suite is complete with a hydraulic table, gas anesthesia, blood pressure monitoring, EKG, and a wide variety of other medical and surgical equipment. All surgeries are hand recovered in a padded recovery room. Our team also provides comprehensive lameness services to return or keep your horse at its peak performance. 


ICU BabyOur ambulatory team serves a large area encompassing Oklahoma City and the surrounding area and are on call 24/7 for emergencies. Ambulatory vehicles are equipped with mobile equipment to provide routine preventative maintenance procedures, investigation of health concerns, and 24 hour emergency care. Our vehicles are set up to handle the most ordinary tasks, such as coggins and routine preventative medicine, as well as, urgent colics and foaling complications. Diagnostically we have the ability to perform radiographic and ultrasonographic examinations in the field when necessary.


OCEC offers a large array of reproductive services to assist clients in the breeding process in house or on their farms.

Mare Management:

  • Breeding soundness exam                                                                embryo
  • Management for breeding with chilled/transported semen
  • Management for breeding with frozen semen
  • Management of subfertile mares                                                              
  • Fetal gender determination
  • Embryo flush and transfer
  • Embryo vitrification (freezing)
  • Low dose insemination
  • Laparoscopic assisted diagnostic procedures
  • Reproductive surgery
  • Through our sister company, Embryo Transfer Services L.L.C., we offer a turnkey embryo transfer service contract providing a recipient mare pregnant with the embryo flushed from your mare. A large recipient herd managed daily by experienced clinicians allows us to achieve our goal of an expeditious pregnancy producing a healthy foal nourished, protected, and mentored by a mare that is a pleasure to have on your place.

Stallion Management:

  • Breeding soundness examsperm
  • Stallion collection training
  • Semen centrifugation (cushion concentration and density gradient)
  • Semen collection and processing for chilled transport
  • Semen freezing (export and domestic) As a proud new Select Breeders affiliate, we will provide a standardized, quality controlled product that can be distributed and trusted worldwide.
  • USDA approved semen collection center for export
  • Stallion evaluation and subfertility management using current techniques to enhance the use of suboptimal semen such as alternate collection methods and density gradient centrifugation to produce highly concentrated small volume doses of good quality semen.
  • A unique service we are able to provide through our recipient mare herd is to determine efficacy of different semen treatments, as well as, frozen semen by actually performing fertility trials by breeding mares and determining pregnancy rates.


Dr. Brian Carroll

Dr. CarrollDr. Carroll grew up in rural east central Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma State University for undergraduate work, as well as, obtaining his D.V.M. Since graduating in 1980, his general equine practice has included emphasis on western performance, sport horse, race track practice, and farm medicine. However, since 1994 his practice time has been spent primarily in reproduction. Today Dr. Carroll's days are spent working in assisted reproductive techniques for the mare and advanced stallion management.

Caitlyn Hood

CaityCaitlyn, originally from southwestern Oklahoma, attended Oklahoma State University completing a B.S. in animal science in 2007. She joined the OCEC team in October 2007 as a general hospital technician. Soon realizing her interest in reproduction, she began to assist Dr. Carroll with his ambulatory breeding work in January 2008. Before long, she demonstrated a strong aptitude for laboratory skills and intense attention to detail. These qualities have served her well as she has excelled in advanced semen processing techniques such as cushioned centrifugation and density gradient centrifugation in order to integrate them into chilled transported and semen freezing protocols. When not working, she enjoys showing hunter/jumpers.


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