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  • Kerstin Darenius
  • Flenmo Egendom 2
  • 640 31 Mellösa, SWEDEN
  • P: +46 157-60004
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Rodga is an ancient farm, a beautiful resort quietly situated in the woods of Kolmården. The farm is surrounded by pastures and overlooking two lakes, 100 miles SW of Stockholm and 12 miles north of Norrköping.

Established already during the Middle Ages, Rodga expanded during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries to become the centre of a small group of industries manufacturing sailcloth, glassware and axes.

In 1987 we bought Rodga and turned it into an Equine Reproductive Centre, adapted to serve breeders, stud farms and veterinarians with:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of sub-fertility in the mare and the stallion
  • Artificial insemination of mares
  • Freezing, cooling and distribution of stallion semen, national & international
  • Boarding of mares and stallions
  • Testing and distribution of products and equipment for stud work and artificial insemination
  • Laboratory facilities for semen preservation and gynaecology including bacteriology, cytology and histology
  • Research and developmental work with broad international contacts

In 2004 Caballa became a member of Select Breeders Services as SBS-Sweden.

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Stallion Management


Semen collection and evaluation
Semen freezing, storage and distribution

The laboratory is equipped to perform advanced semen processing protocols for individual stallions to maximize semen quality in a frozen semen breeding program.

Quality control analysis of shipped cooled or frozen semen.

Mobile Service


A mobile lab was established in 2006 and is fitted with all the equipment to process and evaluate frozen semen. The lab is EU approved to freeze semen for export. Although my main territory is Sweden, I am willing to discuss travelling to your facility, wherever it may be.

Mare Management


Breeding soundness examination including
  • rectal palpation
  • ultrasound
  • vaginoscopy
  • uterine culture
  • cytology
  • biopsy

Management of the sub-fertile mare.

Artificial insemination with cooled and frozen semen.

Embryo Transfer


Embryo transfer services is provided for mares of different breeds since 2005. "Flips Little Sparrow" was born 2006 as a result of embryo transfer in my lab. Both the dam, Butterfly Flip and the sire, Cardento, were members of the Swedish Show Jumping Team, Silver medallist in the Olympic Games in Athens 2004.

The first successful embryo transfer in Sweden from a standardbred trotter mare was performed in my lab 2006.


Dr. Kerstin Darenius DVM, PhD

KerstinDr. Kerstin Darenius graduated from The Royal Veterinary College in Stockholm 1976. She was employed by the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala 1977-1992. The first years she was involved in a research project concerning sperm morphology and in vitro viability of diluted semen in relation to fertility in AI boars. With the main interest, however, in equine reproduction she later started a research project on early pregnancy loss in the mare, which was finished as a PhD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1992.

In 1982 Anders & Kerstin Darenius opened an equine AI-station, Mälardalens Hästsemin, situated around 80 miles west of Stockholm. Natural covering was used as well as AI with fresh, cooled and frozen semen. Freezing of semen was started in 1983, one of the first laboratories in Sweden to provide this service. In 1987 Rodga was bought and the business Rodga Semin was established, which we operated together until 2002. Caballa was founded in 2002 by Kerstin Darenius.