The Sperm Mitochondrion: Organelle of Many Functions

January 07, 2021

Posted by Dr. Stuart Meyers in Frozen Semen

Sperm Mitochondria_Meyers with Tag The sperm mitochondrion (pictured left) is one of the most damaged organelles during cryopreservation and is likely responsible for the majority of loss in motility and fertility after a freeze-thaw cycle. Our laboratory at UC Davis has focused on developing an increased understanding of mitochondrial bioenergetics in sperm that could provide strong rationale for marked improvement in preservation and assisted reproduction techniques.

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Breeding Soundness Exam of the Mare

February 11, 2020

Posted by Dr. Elena Martinez de Andino in Mare Management

The History of the Timed Insemination Protocol - UltrasoundTo evaluate a mare's potential for reproductive success or failure, veterinarians often perform a "breeding soundness examination" (BSE). As the breeding season approaches, many owners may opt for a pre-breeding BSE to identify and address any potential reproductive issues prior to breeding. This examination is invaluable for estimating the likelihood of a mare successfully conceiving, carrying a pregnancy to term, and delivering a healthy foal. Pre-breeding examinations are usually performed early in the breeding season when the mare has just begun to cycle or, at the very least, is not in anestrus. Furthermore, the BSE provides veterinarians and owners with important information to determine whether a particular mare should carry a foal herself or whether she might better serve as an embryo or oocyte donor, as well as what breeding strategies are most appropriate for the individual mare.

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Quarter Horse Semen Available in EU and Australia

February 16, 2012

Posted by SBS in Frozen Semen

6666 Ranch_Mare and Foal View a list of Quarter Horse, Paint Horse and Appaloosa frozen semen currently in storage and ready for distribution at our European and Australian SBS Affiliate Laboratories. This semen was frozen using SBS protocols and conforms to our strict quality control standards.

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SBS Affiliate Program is Celebrating 20 Years

September 20, 2020

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

SBS Affiliate Map as of September 2020 Paul Loomis’ vision of creating a company dedicated to the responsible development of the equine frozen semen industry has taken several creative turns.  Most notably are his first partnership in a facility in Texas and the implementation of the SBS Affiliate Laboratory Network which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year.  Formerly incorporated in 1987, Select Breeders Services, LLC (SBS) has grown into an internationally recognized leader in the industry of processing, storing and distributing equine frozen semen. 

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