SBS Foal Photo Contest

March 12, 2020

Posted by SBS in General Interest

2020 Foal_Radnor HTF_Rubinero x Allegra Q 200x The SBS Foal Photo Contest has some exciting changes taking place this year! We have widely expanded the field of what foals are eligible and increased the prize to a $100.00 Amazon gift card.  As of this year the following foal photos are eligible for entry.

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Care of the Newborn Foal

January 05, 2018

Posted by Dr. Dave Scofield in Foal and Neonate Care

foaling mare What transpires in the first 24 to 48 hours of a foal’s life is critical to his health and well-being from early life and up through weaning. As a foaling attendant there are several “milestones” to keep in mind as you watch the behavior of both the baby and the mare post-foaling. In this article we discuss the milestones they both should make within the few hours after the foal’s arrival into his new world. The care delivered, attention to detail, and respect for the nature of the horse will help set up your foal up for a healthier adolescence.

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Care and Vaccination of the Pregnant Mare

September 18, 2012

Posted by SBS in Mare Management

Pregnant mareNow that your mare is safely checked in foal, the next step in the journey begins. It is time to plan ahead for the care and management of your pregnant mare and for welcoming the arrival of your foal. A major first step is, where will your mare foal out? If she is to foal out at home it is assumed you have a suitable foaling stall, a pasture with shelter and safe fencing to house the mare and her foal. Research and start to compile your foaling kit, emergency plans and contacts, secure a source of colostrum and research options for nurse mares. Of course, we all hope for a normal, successful delivery, but we have to be prepared for worst case scenarios. If the unexpected happens at such an emotional time, having a plan in place will alleviate stress and save time when tough decisions must be made. If your mare will foal out at another facility, plan on moving her 20-30 days prior to foaling so she can build up immunity to her new local environment.

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Video Series for Mare Owners

January 15, 2020

Posted by SBS in Frozen Semen

In our January 2020 E-newsletter, we introduced the first of a four part series of videos about "Frozen Semen for Mare Owners".  Part 4 of this series covers the topic of "What is Flow Cytometry?" (click video to left or link below to watch).  In this video, Paul Loomis explains the process of flow cytometry and what the data tells us about the sample.  Links for all four videos and the six additional "quick tip" videos are listed below. 

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Please Note - photos used in these news articles are available in the public domain, have been purchased through istockphoto or (when referencing breeders or horses) have been submitted to Select Breeders Services Inc. by the breeding farm or horse owner. Photo credit has been provided where applicable. If at anytime you see something that needs to be addressed please feel free to contact us directly.

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