SBS Foal Photo Contest

March 12, 2020

Posted by SBS in General Interest

^Foal 2019_Our Promise_The Proposal x Tsarin 200x The SBS Foal Photo Contest has some exciting changes taking place beginning in 2020! As of this year the following foal photos are eligible for entry.

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Heat Stress and Equine Reproduction

September 09, 2014

Posted by Paul Loomis in Stallion Management

Istock_sweaty harness horse cropped During those dog days of late summer and the end of the breeding season, most of us who work in equine reproduction are ready for a break. You are left with those difficult mares that didn’t settle earlier in the season and stallions that may be growing tired of breeding. Mares may not cycle as predictably or conceive as readily and stallions may be tougher to collect or exhibit a decrease in semen quality. One of the factors that can contribute to these problems is heat stress. As ambient temperatures rise, stallions and mares may experience disruptions to normal reproductive function as a result. This article will briefly describe some of the effects of heat stress on mare and stallion reproductive function.

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Video Series For Mare Owners

January 15, 2020

Posted by SBS in Frozen Semen

In our January 2020 E-newsletter, we introduced the first of a four part series of videos about "Frozen Semen for Mare Owners".  Part 4 of this series covers the topic of "What is Flow Cytometry?" (click video to left or link below to watch).  In this video, Paul Loomis explains the process of flow cytometry and what the data tells us about the sample.  Links for all four videos and the six additional "quick tip" videos are listed below. 

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The Pros and Cons Of Equine Frozen Semen

October 24, 2013

Posted by SBS in Frozen Semen

The advantages and disadvantages of utilizing equine frozen semen are debated by stallion and mare owners alike. Will I continue to show my stallion or retire him to the breeding shed? Is there an international market for my stallion? What if my stallion is injured in an accident or suddenly dies? Is my mare a suitable candidate for breeding with frozen semen? Is it true conception rates with frozen semen are lower than those when using cooled semen? These are just a few questions to ask when considering whether to utilize equine frozen semen.

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Please Note - photos used in these news articles are available in the public domain, have been purchased through istockphoto or (when referencing breeders or horses) have been submitted to Select Breeders Services Inc. by the breeding farm or horse owner. Photo credit has been provided where applicable. If at anytime you see something that needs to be addressed please feel free to contact us directly.

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