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Squires Awarded 2024 ISER Pioneer Award

April 22, 2024

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Ed Squires_ISER Pioneer Award Throughout his career Dr. Ed Squires has been given many accolades and received several awards for his numerous contributions to the field of equine reproduction.  Most recently, he was awarded the 2024 Pioneer Award by the International Embryo Technology Society (IETS).  This award is given to recognize individuals who have made seminal contributions to the development of embryo-based technologies. 

Over the past several decades, Dr. Squires has helped to develop a multitude of reproductive techniques that are used by veterinarians and breeders today. This was done by collaborating with many well-known scientists, including other Pioneer Award recipients, Dr. O. J. Ginther and Dr. George Seidel.  His contributions include non-surgical embryo transfer, the transport of cooled embryos, the proper cooling curve required to maintain semen cooled to 5 degrees Celsius, the use of Altrenogest to control the estrous cycle and maintain pregnancy, super ovulation, sexed-semen, intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and so much more.     

Yet, his goal goes beyond the task of performing scientific research.  He strives to make his research applicable within the equine breeding industry.  To this end, he shares his knowledge and expertise with thousands of researchers, veterinarians, and horse breeders throughout the world.  He has done so by publishing 339 scientific articles, writing 20 chapters in textbooks, co-authoring ‘Equine Embryo Transfer’ with Dr. Pat McCue and serving as one of the editors for ‘Equine Reproduction second edition written by McKinnon, Squires, Varner, and Valla.  He also led educational short courses during his time at Colorado State University and has lectured throughout the United States and in 40 different countries. 

Dr. Squires has also served as a research advisor to SBS for many years.  In this time, he and Paul Loomis have worked together on many research projects and published several papers to identify and resolve barriers for the use of equine frozen semen.  A few of these topics include the proper number of sperm, the frequency of artificial insemination and the mare management strategies needed to achieve maximum fertility with frozen semen. 

At SBS, we are very proud of Dr. Squires for his numerous achievements and dedication to the world of equine reproduction.  But more importantly, we are thankful he has long been a part of the SBS family and a friend. 

Click HERE for additional information about Dr. Squires’ history, his contributions to the industry and the awards he has received throughout his remarkable career.

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