Equine Services


In the summer 2002, Equine Services started the cooperation as Select Breeders Service Southgermany. Equine Services’ facility, as part of Upper Rock Ranch, is conveniently located in the Southern Black Forest of Germany, a short drive from Switzerland or France – an easy trip for your stallion, mare and/or foal. Equine Services is an approved EU Reproduction center, as well as Embryo transfer center.


Mare and Foal Management

Equine Services welcomes all mares to our facility. The services for your mare and foal, conducted in conjunction with our contracted veterinarian, may include some or all of the following: • Complete reproduction examination • Rectal examination • Ultrasound • Blood and hormone assays • Uterine culture and biopsy • Artificial insemination with fresh, cooled or frozen semen •  Breeding report, genetic testing and foal registration • Embryo transfer • Housing for pregnant mares and foaling • Weaning of foals

Stallion Managment

We accept stallions of all breeds to stand at our breeding facility. The services include some or all of the following: • Semen collection and evaluation • Blood profiles • Bacteriological screening • Training to phantom • Standing outside stallions • Cooled and frozen semen services • Extender testing • Quarantine facilities for international semen shipping • Distribution of promotional material • Stallion reports, genetic testing and foal registrations filed • Management of special-needs stallion in regards to fertility and collection techniques

Import and Export

Equine Services is an approved center for the collection, storage and distribution of frozen semen.

We have frozen semen stored from several stallions at our location. Interested in a special stallion? Please check under Stallion Guide or contact us for assistance to import or export the frozen semen for you.

QH, Paint and Appaloosa Stallions available in EU and Australia.

Visit our website: www.equine-services.de or Contact us.


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