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Fen Vet Equine Reproduction


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Welcome to Fen Vet Equine Reproduction, a leading destination for cutting-edge equine reproductive care located in Alberta, Canada.  The facility has been meticulously designed and purpose-built to offer comprehensive services tailored exclusively to the needs of horse breeding.

Upon entering the premises, visitors are greeted by a modern and well-equipped environment optimized for the highest standards of care.  The clinic features specialized areas for various aspects of equine reproduction, including dedicated spaces for artificial insemination procedures with fresh, cooled and frozen semen.  Fen Vet takes pride in it's use of advanced techniques and technologies to ensure optimal success rates for clients.  

In addition to insemination services, the facility is fully equipped to manage the complexities of equine reproduction, from problem mare management to embryo transfer procedures and freezing services.  Recognizing the importance of providing a full spectrum of solutions, Fen Vet strives to meet the diverse needs of it's clients.

For stallion owners, Fen Vet offers a comprehensive range of services designed to support and enhance their breeding programs.  From cutting-edge phantom training facilities to streamlined semen collection, shipping, freezing and personalized marketing support, the goal is to empower stallion owners with the resources they need to succeed. 

Led by a dedicated team of three experienced reproduction veterinarians and supported by a seasoned manager, Fen Vet Equine Reproduction is committed to delivering the highest level of professionalism and expertise in every aspect of equine reproductive care.  


Dr. Alysson Macedo

Alysson MacedoDr. Alysson Macedo, is a veterinarian with a passion for reproductive medicine.  Originally, hailing from Brazil, Dr. Alysson earned his veterinary degree from Santa Catarina State University in 2013 before embarking on an extraordinary journey in equine reproduction.  In 2014, Dr. Alysson's pursuit of knowledge led him to Canada, where he pursued graduate studies focusing on early pregnancy in horses.  His dedication to the field blossomed further through a reproduction-focused internship in the Edmonton area, where he swiftly rose to the role of lead reproduction veterinarian, honing his skills and expertise over three fruitful years. As the demand for his services grew, Dr. Alysson merged forces with another clinic solidifying his reputation as a leader in equine reproductive care for another three years.  Despite the success, Dr. Alysson's heart remained in Calgary, where family beckoned him home. His passion for equine reproduction knows no bounds, with a particular emphasis on advanced techniques for both mares and stallions.  His unwavering commitment to excellence drives him to push for the highest standard of care in every aspect of his work.  

Alana Balbar

Alana BalbarWith eight years of dedicated service in the field of equine reproduction, Alana has established herself as the go-to wiz for all things paperwork related.  Detail-oriented to the core, Alana leaves no stone unturned when it comes to organizing and communicating with clients.  With her expertise, she can field a million questions on the subject, providing clarity and reassurance every step of the way.  While she excels in many aspects of equine reproduction, her true passion lies in handling stallions and orchestrating all facets of their care.  From meticulous scheduling to ensuring every detail is in place, she thrives on the precision and coordination required.  

Dr. Deanna Larsen

Deanna LarsenDr. Deanna is a dedicated equine veterinarian originally hailing from Edmonton, AB. Her journey in veterinary medicine began with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Health from the University of Alberta, followed by her esteemed tenure at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, SK, where she earned her veterinary degree. Driven by a passion for excellence, Dr. Deanna embarked on a comprehensive internship program encompassing large animal medicine, surgery, reproduction and ambulatory care. This intensive year-long experience honed her skills and deepened her expertise in equine healthcare. For the past three years, Dr. Deanna has been making a significant impact in the Carstairs area, practicing general equine medicine with a keen focus on reproductive services. Her love for all aspects of reproduction reflect her unwavering dedication to the field. 

Dr. Don Miller 

Don MillerDon was born in Saskatoon and attended the University of Saskatchewan and Western College of Veterinary Medicine where he obtained his BSc., DVM and MVSc. degrees, the latter focusing on breeding soundness in cattle and horses. After graduating, Don has dedicated his veterinary practice to assisted reproductive techniques with cattle and horses.  He has operated Sundown Livestock Transplants since 1985 and began equine reproductive work in 1992, importing semen from the USA, providing breeding and embryo transfer services for horse owners in western Canada. In the early 2000's, Don and his family provided their mare breeding, stallion collection and embryo transfer services to the Calgary Stampede and their "Born to Buck" program. During those 15 years, the elite bucking string lived at their Cremona facility during the breeding season, along with the 6 time World Champion Bareback Stallion, G-65 Grated Coconut, creating the legendary offspring that are still performing in the rodeo arena and breeding pastures today.