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Select Breeders Veterinary Services provides veterinary care, embryo transfer, foaling services, and equine reproductive management of stallions and mares to Cecil County, Maryland and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic Region (MD, DE, NJ, and PA).

In 2013, Select Breeders Services founded a partnership with David Scofield, DVM who is Board Certified in Equine Reproduction.  This was in order to expand our veterinary care and equine management services in Chesapeake City, Maryland.  Through this new division of SBS, operating under the name of SBS Veterinary Services (SBS-VS), Dr. Scofield and the SBS Team are able to provide reproductive management, as well ambulatory care and on-site veterinary services, for our clients.

Who is SBS Veterinary Services?

David Scofield, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACT SBS Veterinarian

DaveDr. Scofield brings to SBS-VS a strong background in general equine practice, embryo transfer, mare management, foaling services, and infertility of the mare and stallion. Dr. Scofield grew up in Delaware and on the eastern shore of Maryland. He received his DVM from Oklahoma State University in 2009. Following graduation, Dr. Scofield completed an internship at Weatherford Equine Medical Center in Weatherford, Texas and later joined Colorado State University’s Equine Reproduction Laboratory for a residency in Equine Reproduction.

Paul Loomis, CEO and Founder of Select Breeders Services

Paul LoomisPaul established Select Breeders Services in 1987 with the belief that equine breeders needed a reliable source for the burgeoning artificial insemination technology. SBS is now the largest provider of equine semen preservation services in the world with a reputation for quality service and superior technology. Paul is a recognized expert in the field of semen preservation. He is a graduate of Colorado State University with a M.S. in Physiology (equine reproduction and semen preservation). Coupled with SBS’s proven commitment to stallion reproduction and quality service, Paul is excited to offer expanded mare management and veterinary services in Chesapeake City through SBS-VS.

Our Services

Veterinary Services

Mare and Foal at SBSVSSBS-VS offers complete equine ambulatory veterinary services in the areas surrounding our Chesapeake City, MD office. We strive to provide the highest standards of care for your equine companion and to form lasting relationships with our horse owning clientele.

  • Vaccinations and dental prophylaxis
  • Medical and ophthalmic conditions
  • Foal and weanling care
  • Lacerations and minor surgery
  • Recuperation and lay-up supervised by veterinary staff

Our partnership with Unionville Equine Associates in Oxford, PA allows access to advanced diagnostic and laboratory services. It also allows SBS-VS to consult with a board certified veterinarian in internal medicine and experienced practitioners in lameness and other performance issues.

Appointments for general horse health, dental prophylaxis, vaccinations, medical colic therapy, ophthalmic examinations, foal care, lacerations, respiratory problems, minor surgery, and other related issues can be scheduled by calling SBS-VS at (410) 885-3202.

Mare Management

SBS-VS offers mare management services at a newly renovated facility in Chesapeake City, MD. We provide

  • complete breeding management
  • artificial inseminations with fresh, cooled, and frozen semen
  • low-dose and deep-horn insemination techniques
  • reproductive evaluations, diagnostic, and therapeutic treatments for the mares

Dr. Scofield can provide detailed information to mare owners regarding other advanced reproductive technologies and help them determine the most appropriate therapy for sub-fertile horses.  


Our Foaling Program provides late term pregnancy monitoring of the mare, specific neonatal care and a veterinarian attending each foaling. These services are offered to limit the anxiety and risk of your mare foaling unpredictably and unattended. This program is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please call SBS-VS to enroll your mare today.

Laura Serkes - Testimonial Photo"Based on recommendations from my vet, fellow breeders and other performance dressage competitors, I sent my beloved 17 year old, retired FEI dressage mare to SBS Veterinary Services for the delivery of her first foal. After foaling she was then successfully re-bred using frozen semen.  The experience could not have been better. I found the entire team to be a pleasure to work with in every respect. I can't recommend them enough." - Laura Serkes

Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer is a proven reproductive technique that places a donor mare’s fertilized embryo into the uterus of a recipient mare that has been correctly synched with the donor mare’s cycle. 

The use of embryo transfer is ideal for:

  • Older mares that cannot carry a foal to term
  • Performance or show mares busy in competition
  • Valuable mares from which multiple pregnancies are desired

At SBS-VS, we can manage and flush your donor mare for an embryo, package and ship the embryo to a recipient herd, utilize your own recipient mare, or place the embryo into one of SBS-VS’s recipient mares. SBS and Unionville Equine Associates (UEA) in Oxford, PA have been collaborating since 2009 to bring ET services to UEA clients. We will continue to provide ancillary support to UEA veterinarians for their clients requiring embryo transfer services.  

With Paul Loomis’ 20 plus years of experience in equine ET and Dr. Scofield’s training and experience, SBS-VS provides the necessary attention to detail that produces embryo transfer success.

Transvaginal Follicle Aspiration for Oocyte Recovery (TVA)

TVA Oocytes Photo We are excited to promote transvaginal follicle aspiration for oocyte recovery (TVA) as one of our available assisted reproductive techniques. Dr. Elena Martinez de Andino is a board-certified theriogenologist who trained at Texas A&M under the guidance of Dr. Katrin Hinrichs, Dr. Charles Love and the Equine Embryo Laboratory. She has extensive clinical and research experience in TVAs in both reproductively challenged mares as well as fertile mares who's stallion's semen may be limited or of poor quality.  

Oocytes collected from TVA will be sent to an ICSI lab and the ICSI-embryos, fresh or vitrified, can be sent back to SBS-VS for transfer into one of our recipient mares.  This procedure is invaluable for production of ICSI-embryos for immediate transfer or for preservation of genetic material (vitrified ICSI-embryos) from mares for future embryo transfer.  

If you have any questions about this procedure or are wondering if this technique is right for you and your mare, please contact Dr. Martinez de Andino (

Please click HERE for additional information about this procedure, its uses and costs.



SBSVS Group Photo December 2019

Dr. Elena Martinez de Andino VMD, Diplomate ACT, SBS Veterinarian

Dr. Elena Martinez de AndinoDr. Martinez de Andino is a board certified Theriogenologist offering a wealth of knowledge to our equine and canine clients with her experience in assisted reproductive techniques including transvaginal oocyte aspiration and embryo transfer as well as breeding management for "problem" mares and subfertile stallions.  She graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hispanic Studies and went on to receive her degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016.  During her studies in veterinary school, she was a summer research fellow through the Havemeyer Behavior Lab in which she evaluated operant learning performance in foals using target training.  After graduating from veterinary school, she completed a rotating equine internship at Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center from 2016-2017.  She then completed her residency in equine theriogenology at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine where she conducted research on intrafollicular oocyte transfer in conjunction with the Equine Embryo Laboratory.

Shawna Westmark, DVM, Seasonal Veterinary Associate

Dr. Shawna WestmarkDr. Westmark joins the team at SBS Veterinary Services each year from January to June as our Seasonal Veterinary Associate.  She provides routine veterinary care with a special interest in reproduction and neonatal care.  By living onsite at SBS-VS during this time she is able to be present during foalings.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Washington State University and then went on to receive her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Oregon State University in 2016.  After graduation she completed her internship with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, an SBS Affiliate Laboratory in Kentucky.  For the past several years, Dr. Westmark continues her work in equine reproduction by traveling to Scone Veterinary Group in Denman, NSW, Australia from July to December for their breeding season.    

Jonathan Clark, Director of Operations

Jonathan Clark 200xJonathan graduated from the University of Delaware in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Sciences.  While obtaining his degree, he started working for SBS in 1994 by assisting Paul with routine lab cleaning.  He began gaining more responsibility in the company by becoming a freeze technician, helping to pioneer the mobile lab use throughout the East Coast, and becoming the leader of the import/export department in Maryland.  Now, 25 years later, he dutifully holds the role of Director of Operations for Select Breeders Services. Though he still enjoys occasionally spending time in the mobile lab, Jonathan oversees and assists the managers of SBS Veterinary Services, Select Breeders Services Headquarters in Maryland and Select Breeders Southwest in Texas with their daily operations.  When not in the office, he spends his time focusing on the small warmblood breeding operation he and his partner created.   

Dennis Furtkevic, Equine Facility and Horse Care Supervisor

Dennis FurtkevicDennis holds the very important job of Equine Facility and Horse Care Supervisor for SBS Veterinary Services.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science, with a minor in Equine Science, from Penn State University.  His days are spent overseeing the daily care of the horses entrusted to us.  Dennis also manages our seasonal employees who assist in the daily chores at home and showed Appaloosas in western pleasure classes.  Prior to being hired full time, Dennis was a summer intern for SBS in 2017.

Pat Blailock, Office Manager

Pat BlailockPat joined the SBS team in February of 2012 as Office /Sales and Marketing Manager. She has over 18 years of experience in business operations, office management and customer service. Her focus is to ensure that every customer, current or prospective, is informed of the services we provide at SBS and that they receive the highest quality of customer service.

Holly Britz, Veterinary Technician

Holly BritzHolly received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal, with a major in Equine Science, from Delaware Valley University.  As Veterinary Technician with SBS Veterinary Services, Holly fills the role as Dr. Scofield's right-hand lady.  She is responsible for daily treatments of the resident horses, ensuring the facility is well stocked, communicating with clients as needed and much more.  When she isn't working with the horses Holly likes to try out new recipes in the kitchen.

Valerie Carreon, Veterinary Technician and Laboratory Technician

Valerie CarreonValerie has spent the last several years working for SBS Veterinary Services while attending Cecil College to obtain her Associates Degree in Equine Science.  As a Veterinary Technician she accompanies our veterinarians on calls to assist with treatments and hold horses for procedures.  When she isn't assisting the veterinarians, Valerie serves in the role of Laboratory Technician at Select Breeders Services by assisting with lab preparations, extender production, semen collections, etc.  Though she loves horses she also enjoys working with cattle, getting her hands dirty, traveling and trying new things.

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