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Select Breeders Veterinary Services provides veterinary care, embryo transfer, foaling services, and equine reproductive management of stallions and mares to Cecil County, Maryland and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic Region (MD, DE, NJ, and PA).

Select Breeders Service is pleased to announce a partnership with David Scofield, DVM, Board Certified in Equine Reproduction, to expand our veterinary care and mare management services in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Through a newly formed division of SBS, operating under the name SBS-Veterinary Services (SBS-VS), Dr. Scofield and the SBS team will offer services including management of breeding and foaling mares, advanced diagnostic techniques and therapies, embryo transfer, and routine veterinary care from a newly renovated facility. Dr. Scofield brings to SBS-VS a strong background in general equine practice, embryo transfer, mare management, foaling services, and infertility of the mare and stallion. Coupled with SBS’s proven commitment to stallion reproduction and quality service, SBS-VS is excited to offer expanded mare management and veterinary services in Chesapeake City.

Stay tuned for more announcements and pictures of our new facility and details about how our new services can help your farm or clients obtain their breeding goals.

Check out photos of the barn renovation and recent facility photos on our Facebook page.



Veterinary Services

SBS-VS offers complete equine ambulatory veterinary services in the areas surrounding our Chesapeake City, MD office. We strive to provide the highest standards of care for your equine companion and to form lasting relationships with our horse owning clientele. Our partnership with Unionville Equine Associates in Oxford, PA allows access to advanced diagnostic and laboratory services. It also allows SBS-VS to consult with a board certified veterinarian in internal medicine and experienced practitioners in lameness and other performance issues. Appointments for general horse health, dental prophylaxis, vaccinations, medical colic therapy, ophthalmic examinations, foal care, lacerations, respiratory problems, minor surgery, and other related issues can be scheduled by calling SBS-VS at (410) 885-3202.

Mare Management

SBS-VS offers mare management services at a newly renovated facility in Chesapeake City, MD. We provide complete breeding management, artificial inseminations with fresh, cooled, and frozen semen, low-dose and deep-horn insemination techniques, reproductive evaluations, diagnostic, and therapeutic treatments for the mares in your broodmare herd. Dr. Scofield can provide detailed information to mare owners regarding other advanced reproductive technologies and help them determine the most appropriate therapy for sub-fertile horses.  


We offer foaling services to limit the anxiety and risk of your mare foaling unpredictably and unattended.  Foaling services are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please call SBS-VS to enroll your mare today. 

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is an advanced technique that places a donor mare’s fertilized embryo into the uterus of a recipient mare that has been correctly synched with the donor mare’s cycle. With Paul Loomis’ 20 plus years of experience in equine ET and with Dr. Scofield’s training and experience, SBS-VS provides the necessary attention to detail that produces embryo transfer success. 

At SBS-VS, we can manage and flush your donor mare for an embryo, package and ship the embryo to a recipient herd, utilize your own recipient mare, or place the embryo into one of SBS-VS’s recipient mares. SBS and Unionville Equine Associates (UEA) in Oxford, PA have been collaborating since 2009 to bring ET services to UEA clients. We will continue to provide ancillary support to UEA veterinarians for their clients requiring embryo transfer services.   

Embryo transfer is a proven reproductive technique that can be used for older mares that can donate fertilized embryos yet cannot carry a foal to term, performance or show mares in the height of competition, or mares where multiple pregnancies are desired. SBS-VS looks forward to expanding the availability of equine ET in and around Chesapeake City.


David B. Scofield DVM, MS, Diplomate ACT

Dr. David ScofieldDr. Scofield grew up in Delaware and on the eastern shore of Maryland. After college in North Carolina, he received his DVM from Oklahoma State University in 2009. Following graduation, Dr. Scofield completed an internship at Weatherford Equine Medical Center in Weatherford, Texas and later joined Colorado State University’s Equine Reproduction Laboratory for a residency in Equine Reproduction. His research focused on anti-microbial agents for bacterial and fungal infections in mares. His day-to-day activities included managing reproductively challenged mares and stallions, embryo transfer, foaling mares, high-risk pregnancies, and neonatal foals. He has presented at both the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) and the American College of Theriogenologists (ACT) annual conferences and published multiple peer-reviewed papers. He passed the certifying exam for Diplomate status in the American College of Theriogenologists (Board Certification in Reproduction) in 2012.

Holly Britz

Holly BritzHolly is a graduate of Delaware Valley University with a BS in Animal Science. After graduation, she worked as a stable hand on a Standardbred breeding farm for two years. She then moved to Florida to work for one breeding season at Peterson and Smith's Equine Reproduction Center. Upon returning home to Pennsylvania, she worked as a Veterinary Technician at an all equine hospital for one year before joining the SBS-VS team in March 2017.

Valerie Carreon

Valerie CarreonValerie is studying Equine Science at Cecil College and plans to transfer to the University of Delaware to major in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences. She enjoys being around animals, family, and traveling; as well as riding horses in her free time. Valerie would like to continue working part-time for Select Breeders as she completes her academic studies. She hopes to become an SBS lab technician in the future, and possibly make the move to an affiliate in Texas.

Juan Carlos Espinosa

Juan Carlos Espinosa


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