Employment Opportunities within the Select Breeders Services Network

Position Location Status
Administrative and Customer Service Representative Maryland OPEN
Laboratory Technician and Support Maryland OPEN
Seasonal Stall Cleaner and Horse Care Assistant Maryland OPEN
Equine Reproduction Technician Summerfield, FL FILLED
Frozen Semen Storage and Distribution Manager Chesapeake City, Maryland FILLED
Laboratory Manager and Freezing Technician Aubrey, Texas FILLED
Laboratory Technician and Support Texas FILLED
Office and Sales Manager Maryland FILLED
Operations Manager Aubrey, Texas FILLED
Ranch and Breeding Manager Scottsdale, AZ FILLED
Veterinary Assistant and Laboratory Technician Maryland FILLED
Veterinary Assistant and Laboratory Technician Arizona FILLED
Breeding Internship (Spring) Maryland CLOSED
Breeding Internship (Summer) Maryland CLOSED
Distribution Coordinator Texas CLOSED
Equine Facility and Horse Care Manager Maryland CLOSED
Marketing Internship (Summer) Maryland CLOSED
Part-Time Administrative and Accounting Assistant Maryland CLOSED
Senior Freezing Technician Maryland CLOSED

Although positions may currently be filled, we still accept resumes to go on file. They will be posted on our internal database viewable by all affiliate locations should they be looking to hire.

Please submit resumes to: Jonathanclark@selectbreeders.com