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Frozen Semen Storage and Logistics Technician






This position reports directly to the Storage and Distribution Manager for WS/SB Equine Reproduction, LLC located in Aubrey, Texas.  This role will assist the manager in the duties outlined below.  This position demands an individual with excellent client communication skills, is highly organized and has an attention to detail.

As directed by manager, assist with storage tasks:

  • Inventory receiving, movements and adjustments
  • Monitor liquid nitrogen levels in tanks weekly
  • Filling liquid nitrogen tanks
  • Frozen semen receiving
  • Inventory new and returned inventory of frozen semen
  • Record inventory changes and adjustments
  • Test straw inventory management
  • Temporary storage tracking

As directed by manager, assist with distribution tasks:

  • Preparing frozen shipment paperwork
  • Receive all requests from mare owners/veterinarians for frozen semen shipments
  • Identify owner/agent authorization
  • Create matings within Prism database
  • Prepare all shipping documents (FedEx)
  • Prepare shipping documents for a client pick-up
  • Export frozen semen
  • Learn USDA export regulations
  • Annual USDA inspections for: EU, Australia and New Zealand
  • Export record keeping
  • Preparation of export health certificates
  • Review export health certificates
  • Work with broker/FedEx/UPS for all export shipments

As directed by manager, assist with the following tasks:

  • Package of frozen semen shipments: Domestic & International
  • Pre-season check of vapor shippers
  • Charging of vapor shippers
  • Inventory of inbound frozen semen shipments
  • Move inventory within tank locations
  • Destroy semen as directed by manager

As directed by manager, assist with billing and record keeping tasks:

  • Reports
  • Weekly freeze reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Account activity reports
  • Stallion shipment record
  • Freeze numbers
  • Daily activity data
  • Previous years shipping data
  • Monthly inventory
  • Summary graphs
  • Quarterly reports
  • Quarterly storage inventory
  • FedEx quarterly summary
  • Prepare storage and shipment billing
  • Recording shipments
  • FedEx bills - proofing and coding
  • Recording FedEx shipping data

Job Type:  Full-time

Pay:  From $16.00 per hour


  • 401(k)
  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Uniform Allowance


  • 8-hour shift
  • Monday to Friday
  • On-call
  • Weekend availability

Education:  Associate (Preferred)

Work Location:  In-person

Interested parties should email or mail a Letter of Interest and Resume to:

Jonathan Clark jonathanclark@selectbreeders.com and Kim Rennewanz kimrennewanz@selectbreeders.com

Select Breeders Service, Inc.
Attn: Jonathan Clark and Kim Rennewanz
961 Cayots Corner Rd
Chesapeake City, MD 21915
(410) 885-3202