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Breeding Internship (Summer) - Mare Reproduction






Select Breeders Service, Inc. (SBS) is seeking an energetic and motivated undergraduate to intern with our team of professionals at our Maryland based equine reproductive technology company.

The individual will assist our on-farm veterinarians, Dr. David Scofield, Dr. Elena Martinez de Andino and Dr. Lauren Huggins with mare care, on farm breeding, embryo flushes and transfers, management of the recipient mare herd and local veterinary calls. In addition, the intern will also participate in foal watching duties, assist at foalings and with neonatal care.

Although the intern will be primarily based at our Select Breeders Veterinary Services division, there will be some opportunity to assist technicians at our main facility with stallion collections and semen processing.

The ideal candidate is organized, self-directed, detail oriented, flexible and a person who works well with others in a small "team" atmosphere.

This is an unpaid internship for the Summer Semester (May - August). Housing is available.

Interested parties should email or mail a Letter of Interest and Resume to:
kimrennewanz@selectbreeders.com and jonathanclark@selectbreeders.com

Select Breeders Service, Inc.
Attn: Jonathan Clark and Kim Rennewanz
961 Cayots Corner Rd
Chesapeake City, MD 21915
(410) 885-3202

Currently accepting applications.

Testimonials from prior SBS interns regarding their time at SBS:

Dennis Furtkevic, Penn State University:

"The Select Breeders Internship that I completed in the summer of 2017 was a fantastic experience. I was rewarded with learning more about the equine breeding industry while working alongside a phenomenal staff. The internship allowed me to work hands on with mares and foals every day. I was able to see all the steps of the breeding process, from the collection of semen to foaling. Most of my time was spent with Dr. Scofield, an amazingly smart and charismatic man. We not only bred mares at the SBS facilities, but also traveled to other farms aiding in the breeding of outside mares. I was able to assist in numerous breeding procedures that helped me learn many techniques and skills used in equine reproduction. SBS truly had my education in mind the entire time I was there, and all of my questions were expertly answered. I could not recommend this internship highly enough and look forward to using the knowledge that I gained in my future."

Amelia Rogus, Penn State University:

"I was fortunate enough to be selected as the summer breeding intern for the summer of 2016, and I simply could not have asked for a more rewarding and worthwhile experience! My long term goal is to be a large animal veterinarian, so being able to work alongside Dr. Scofield on a daily basis truly solidified my career desires and gave me a very realistic glimpse into what my life could be like. I am immensely grateful for how hands on I was able to be with the mares; being able to give medications daily as well as to help with the copious breeding procedures certainly enhanced my learning experience. The staff at SBS is incredibly welcoming and encouraging; I definitely felt as though my learning was greatly prioritized so I could get as much out of my experience as possible. I would highly recommend this internship to any student interested in pursuing a reproductive or veterinary career- it will truly set you apart from the competition"

Kayla Scolman, (CSU grad) now Theriogenology Technician at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute:

“I completed the Summer Internship at Select Breeders Service in 2013. I really enjoyed the program and the people. I was able to help with stallion collections and processing for cooled and frozen. While I was there I was able to meet one of the technicians at a farm and help with all the cooled processing for the day. While doing this it helped me learn what all is involved in calculating doses and putting them together. I learned how to properly care for frozen semen storage tanks, and dry shippers. I helped with frozen semen shipment requests and was able to see how to put them together efficiently and what all should be included in a shipment to better help the clients receiving them. I was able to help out on the mare side of things, which helped me better understand what all is involved in getting a mare pregnant and keeping her pregnant. I use my experience from SBS on a daily basis at work now.”

Dylan Dombrowski, Cazenovia College:

"I was lucky enough to intern with Select Breeders Services for the summer of 2015. Interning with SBS introduced me to a whole new industry in my field of study. It has allowed me to consider pursuing a career in equine reproduction field following the completion of my graduate studies. It also gave me the chance to discover new things about myself such as my aptitude to work in small teams. This internship gave me the chance to use skills that I learned through my years at Cazenovia College such as teamwork, dependability, and communication, skills that I now also use in my graduate MBA program. Overall my experience with Select Breeders Services gave me a chance to better prepare myself for a future professional career."

Leah Roepke (CSU Grad) now working at Agrium:

"I did a summer breeding internship at SBS Maryland in 2012. Even after the different breeding operations I have worked on, SBS remains my favorite experience! I really enjoy working with the stallions, so once I made that known to the staff members, everyone chipped in to get me a lot of hands-on experience handling stallions and collecting them. After working with larger breeds of horses at SBS, I was more than comfortable coming back to Colorado to work with the Quarter Horse stallions. My only regret is not doing the internship in the spring, because I would’ve gotten even MORE hands-on experience. I wouldn't trade my time at SBS for anything!"