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Dr. Phil Matthews of PetersonSmith Retires

May 23, 2023

Posted by SBS in Affiliate News

Phil Matthews Retirement After more than 40 years of practice, Dr. Phil Matthews of PetersonSmith Equine Hospital & Complete Care has put away his ultrasound and microscope.  He retired at the end of 2022 so he can do more traveling as well as focus on his own Thoroughbreds and the Angus cattle he raises on his ranch. 

He has been a part of PetersonSmith from the very beginning.  In 1981, two veterinarians Dr. John Peterson and Dr. Johnny Mac Smith, decided to form a partnership.  On the same day they signed their agreement they also signed an employee agreement with Dr. Matthews.  When he was hired, he did whatever was needed from routine vaccinations, ambulatory work, lameness exams, etc.  Soon, he found that his true passion was for the reproduction side of the practice.  Throughout his career, he would end up working with thousands of stallions, mares, babies and yearlings.  He was always helping the breeding dreams of his clients come true whether it was a purse winning Thoroughbred or a small breeder’s hope to have a foal from their favorite mare.  

In 1999, PetersonSmith opened their very own reproductive facility called the PetersonSmith Advanced Fertility Center.  Though it was originally staffed with only Dr. Matthews, they now have four full-time veterinarians and many technicians to assist as needed in the daily activities.  One year after the opening of the reproductive center, Dr. Matthews signed an agreement to become the first member of the Select Breeders Services Affiliate Network.  Paul Loomis said,

“I have had the honor of knowing Phil Matthews for more than 40 years since our time together at Colorado State University when Phil was a vet student, and I was in graduate school.  When the concept of a network of affiliated laboratories to foster the development of the equine frozen semen industry was created, Phil was the first person I contacted. Over the years of our friendship, I have benefitted from his advice, generosity, and direct and insightful counsel and for that I am forever grateful. Enjoy your retirement my friend, you damn sure earned it.!”

Today, PetersonSmith has 30 veterinarians on staff to carry on the legacy that began with Dr. Peterson and Dr. Smith as well as that of Dr. Matthews and the three other veterinarians retiring alongside him in 2022.  We are so thankful for the many years Dr. Matthews offered his wealth of knowledge and experience to the SBS Affiliate Group. We wish him all the best as he slows down, takes deeper breaths and enjoys more time with his family, friends and animals.

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