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SBS is more than cool. It's frozen.

Frozen semen means fewer hassles and less stress for you and your mare owners.

Have you ever had to disappoint a mare owner because your stallion was away at a show, or did not produce enough semen that day to handle requests, or was ill or injured and could not be collected?

Have you ever been frustrated by having to ship multiple times to a client whose mare did not ovulate as expected, or because a shipment was lost or delayed, or because of complaints of poor semen quality?

Have you ever had to refund breeding fees and had your breeding program stopped in its tracks because your stallion passed away unexpectedly?

There is a solution!

With Select Breeders Service you can have a stock of high quality frozen semen ready to be shipped whenever and wherever needed. And with our industry leading distribution program all of the logistics are handled for you so that you can concentrate on promoting your stallion.

With Select Breeders Services you get frozen semen services and technology you can count on to be Safe, Simple, Sure.