Why SBS?

Most Experienced

SBS is the largest provider of frozen semen services in the world, with unrivalled expertise accumulated over its 30 years leading the frozen semen industry.With nearly 4,800 stallions in our database, SBS laboratories are the trusted resource for semen freezing, storage and distribution from many of the world’s greatest sires.

Best Technology

Each SBS lab uses state of the art equipment, standardized proprietary protocols and maintains a quality control program unique to the industry. Controlled rate cell-freezers and computer assisted semen analysis have been employed by SBS labs since the 1980’s. In-house research and multi-center collaborative studies have contributed to the constantly evolving protocols available to SBS labs. If anyone can maximize the success of your stallion’s frozen semen, SBS can.

Better Quality Control

  • Stallions frozen by SBS undergo mandatory health testing to insure that distributed semen does not act as a vector for the spread of infectious diseases.
  • SBS is one of the only providers in the industry to perform bacterial cultures on every ejaculate frozen. We do not advocate the commercial distribution of semen containing mare pathogens or significant environmental contaminants. 
  • SBS labs use proprietary extenders produced under controlled conditions in our central laboratories and shipped complete and ready to use to our affiliates. Each batch is made with our own sterile reagent grade deionized water, clarified, filtered, cultured and tested for optimal pH and osmolarity as well as toxicity using a sperm motility bioassay.
  • With SBS frozen semen, you can be sure that test straws from each and every ejaculate frozen have been thawed and critically evaluated so that semen shipped from your stallion’s inventory meets the industry’s strictest quality standards for concentration and motility so you will not get complaints from your mare owners.

Most Convenient and Economical Distribution Program

  • With >130,000 doses of semen in storage, SBS maintains the world’s largest equine sperm cryobank. Semen is stored in special cryogenic containers immersed in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -320 °F. Leave it to the professionals at SBS to ensure that your stallion’s valuable genetics are protected.
  • Once you have accepted a contract from your mare owner, simply send us an authorization form with the pertinent information and we will handle the rest. Communication with the mare owner and veterinarian and all of the logistics of shipping semen in our vapor shippers will be coordinated by SBS. Our fees for distribution are comparable to cooled semen and can be billed directly to your mare owner’s credit card before semen is shipped.
  • SBS has been involved in import and export of frozen semen since the early 1980’s and no one has more experience at exporting semen than SBS.

Stallion Guide

The Stallion Guide is an online marketing tool provided free to all SBS semen freezing clients. With thousands of visitors every month the Stallion Guide offers broad exposure to an international market and targeted advertising to breeders interested in using frozen semen. The Stallion Guide offers the following advantages to our stallion owners:

  • You can create detailed profiles, including photos and videos
  • You can view and track your frozen semen shipments online
  • Your mare owners can also track their frozen semen shipments through the website

The Stallion Guide is a complimentary service for agent/owner’s of stallions with SBS frozen semen that is currently in storage with an SBS affiliate lab and meets our recommended minimum thresholds for commercial distribution.