Why Frozen Semen?

It’s Better for You and Your Stallion.

Frozen semen is a safer, less stressful and more efficient way to manage your stallion’s breeding program. It allows better quality control, eliminates the stress of semen shipping and is the only way to access international markets. Frozen semen is always available when you need it and with SBS, safe economical distribution is hassle free.

Less Stress On Your Stallion

  • Less frequent collections. When stallions are collected for semen freezing, the collection frequency is typically 3 days per week. This provides the optimum balance of sperm production and semen quality for most stallions. With cooled semen most stallions are collected at least 4 times per week and for some heavily booked stallions it may be 6 or 7 times per week and this can last for an entire 5-6 month breeding season. This extensive collection schedule can be very stressful on stallions and may lead to lameness or behavioral problems.
  • Collections can be scheduled when it is most convenient for you and your stallion. Stallion semen can be collected and frozen at any time of the year so you can schedule your stallion’s collections when he is not showing, in heavy training or when semen quality may be compromised due to heat stress.

More Efficient Use Of Your Stallion’s Semen

With frozen semen every bit of the ejaculate is processed and frozen to produce doses and none is wasted. Have you ever collected your stallion just to breed one mare? Of course, you have. A typical stallion ejaculate contains enough sperm to make 6 to 8 doses of cooled semen but because it only lasts 24 to 48 hours much of the semen is poured down the drain. With frozen semen you can service a larger book of mares with less stress on your stallion and less headaches for you.

Because it is more efficient frozen semen can be less costly than cooled semen. With frozen semen, there are no wasted doses and you do not need to maintain the staff and facilities required to accommodate a cooled semen breeding program.

Better Quality Control

Frozen semen doses are more consistent. Many factors can influence the quality of a dose of cooled semen received by your mare owners. Your stallion could have had a slight fever or illness, there could have been a problem with the collection, the extender or how the semen was handled and processed. These and many other factors can result in poor quality semen upon arrival, upset mare owners and lower pregnancy rates.

The use of frozen semen allows for pre-screening for infectious disease. In the past several years there have been two major disease outbreaks in the USA that have had a major economic impact on the breeding industry. It is SBS policy that all stallions be tested for certain infectious diseases that may be transmittable through semen before entering SBS collection facilities. With follow up testing after the freezing period is finished, stocks of disease-free semen can be produced for distribution.

Eliminates Stress Of Shipping

Since frozen semen can be shipped before the mare is ready to ovulate there are no last minute calls for collections and shipment of semen. A delayed delivery is also not a problem because the dry shippers used to ship frozen semen will maintain temperature and keep the semen viable for 2 weeks or more. And best of all, with SBS we handle all of the details and logistics associated with shipping to your mare owners.

Allows Access To International Markets

Frozen semen is the only reliable way to ship your stallion’s semen internationally. Expand your stallion’s market and influence by exporting frozen semen to other countries.

Frozen Semen Is Always Available When Needed

Whether your stallion is overbooked, at a show, ill, injured, suffering from age related decrease in semen quality, or even deceased...if you have a stock of frozen semen available you can always satisfy your clients request for quality semen to fulfill your contracts.