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Featured News: SBS Stallion Guide Instructional Video

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June 28, 2017

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Featured Blog: Shuttle Stallions - Frozen Semen to the Rescue

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June 28, 2017

Considerations for Exporting Frozen Semen - Lufthansa #2 Shuttle or Dual-Hemisphere Stallions are terms used to describe breeding stallions which travel between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres for their respective breeding season. Several questions arise when discussing shuttle stallions and may include: Why do stallion owners incur the costs and risks of sending their stallions thousands of miles away? Does the lack of sexual rest affect their fertility? Is there a way to service mares in a different hemisphere without sending the stallion so many miles away?

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What do I do with unused semen?

The first thing to determine is who owns the frozen semen? If you purchased the frozen semen by the dose, you own the semen and any unused semen you could save for future use. SBS can store any remaining doses for you. If you received the frozen semen as part of a breeding contract then the stallion owner still owns the frozen semen. Check your breeding contract or call the stallion owner to discuss their policy for unused doses. Usually they will either request all unused semen be destroyed or returned.

Please Note: The viability of frozen semen depends on proper handling and storage, maintaining straws at liquid nitrogen temperatures and minimizing any exposure to temperatures warmer than -100°C. Improper handling during transfer between transport containers and permanent storage, or failure to maintain proper liquid nitrogen levels in storage containers may damage semen. Once semen has left our SBS facility it is impossible for us to verify if the semen was damaged at the receiving location. It is SBS policy to only ship returned doses of semen back to that same mare owner or to the stallion/semen owner for their own use.

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Cuoghi_Snap Dun The Bases Running"SBS made it very easy for us. They took care of all of the export and import processes. This allowed me to leave Master Snaper in the USA while producing foals on two continents."

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